'Dr. Horrible' Sequel Has A Title, New Songs Written

While making the rounds for his hit ABC show Castle, Nathan Fillion spoke with MTV News about all things Hammer and divulged some new information about the highly anticipated sequel to last year's Emmy award-winning web musical, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog.

While we’ve previously announced that they’ve been talking about the sequel, everything has been pretty much in the air, but now Fillion sheds some light on the title and some songs. Unfortunately, Fillion stops short of saying exactly what said title would be.

"There are plans. The media for the sequel has not yet been decided, but there is a title."

Still, a title is a good start. That is, unless the title they decided upon is “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog 2.” I gotta say that I’m hoping for “The Bride of Dr. Horrible” or some sort of title in which they might be able to logically bring back Felicia Day and her homeless loving character, Penny.

Titles aside, Fillion continues the Horrible talk by mentioning how the trio Whedon (Joss, Zack & Jed) and Jed’s Wife, Maurissa Tancharoenal are currently busy working on the songs and have already finished a couple of them.

"Joss, I was talking to him right before we won the Emmy. He said that he's finished writing a song or two. He told me a couple of verses to the song."

Don’t believe me? Think I’m making this up? Check out the video below to hear from Captain Hammer himself.

Even though I’m such a manly man (How manly? I chop down trees… with my hands.), I’m a big fan of a musicals and loved Dr. Horrible. While I didn’t so much enjoy the musical commentary on the DVD, I  cannot wait until this sequel comes out. I only hope that it’s as good as the original.

…and that they bring back my favorite character, groupie #3 (Steve Berg).

"So they say he saved her life..."

We’ll be sure to bring you news of the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog sequel as it comes out.

Source: MTV Splash Page

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