Dr Disrespect Says Ninja Joining Mixer Was A Bad Decision

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins got a lot of attention when he announced his move from Twitch to Mixer earlier this month, including from rival streamer Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm, who called the decision a “bad move” for the popular streamer. Dr Disrespect aired his views in a stream on August 14, getting visibly worked up as he criticized the deal that Ninja got for leaving Twitch for Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming site.

Dr Disrespect isn’t known for keeping his opinions to himself, instead cultivating a persona that hovers between outspoken and outright rude. While he’s crossed the line before, getting banned for breaking Twitch’s rules (and possibly California’s privacy laws) by filming in an occupied public bathroom, he’s known for emotional, expletive-laden outbursts even in his regular streams. In the past, he’s lashed out at Apex Legends and PUBG in explicit tirades on stream.

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The criticism he leveled at Ninja over his move to Mixer could be considered tame in comparison, despite Dr Disrespect’s visible agitation. While streaming, he started talking about Ninja’s decision to leave Twitch by calling it “a bad move” and saying that it surprised him, according to Dexerto. He claims to know how much Mixer paid Ninja to join the platform and says that it wasn’t enough, but doesn’t provide any proof that he actually has any specific knowledge of the deal. He also criticizes Mixer directly, saying “no one’s watching Mixer.”

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Dr Disrespect does have some valid points about the differences between Mixer and Twitch as platforms from a streamer’s perspective. Despite recently saying that he wouldn’t be against leaving Twitch for another platform, he also said that it was the best platform for streamers at the moment due to its larger viewership and the potential for sponsorships that far outpaces other sites. He also points out that, after Ninja, the most popular stream on Mixer is actually a “radio station that gets like two thousand views.” In fact, several of the top streams on Mixer are 24/7 music streams, and only a few game streams on the site regularly pass even 1,000 views.

While it’s true that Mixer lacks the audience of Twitch, the paucity of large streamers could work out in Ninja’s favor, as he currently has no competition as the site’s top streamer. His arrival doesn’t seem to have changed the site’s overall dynamic much, but it did momentarily launch Mixer to the top of Apple’s app store and bring in plenty of viewers to his channel. Whether Dr Disrespect is right about Ninja’s earning potential on Mixer seems almost irrelevant. With the money he’s already made from sponsorships and subscriptions, Ninja could probably stop streaming today and live comfortably for the rest of his life.

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Source: Dexerto

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