Dr. Disrespect Doesn't Play Much Apex Legends Because It Feels Like A Demo

Dr Disrepect Apex Legends Demo

Guy "Dr. Disrespect" Beahm IV is no stranger to controversy, and the popular Twitch streamer invited a little more into his life when he described Apex Legends as feeling like a "demo" earlier this week during one of his broadcasts. The streamer has largely moved away from producing Apex Legends content in recent weeks, mirroring a trend that has plagued the game after its initially gaudy viewership numbers began to taper off over the last month.

Apex Legends has been struggling recently, and although there are likely a multitude of factors at play, many of the creators who initially embraced the new title are blaming one thing specifically — a distinct lack of new content that has stymied growth and caused the game to become stale for those who have sunk a great deal of time into it already. Most recently, another major streamer in Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek stated that they were done with Apex Legends forever after experiencing a lag issue and describing the lack of content as problematic.

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Dr. Disrespect was one of the many streamers who were invited out to play Apex Legends early into the game's life cycle and even prior to release, but in the interim between then and now, the content creator has gone off playing the title in favor of other games like Fortnite. When asked by a viewer earlier in the week, Dr. Disrespect provided an eloquent response, not just dismissing the game but instead explaining the flaws that were present and hindering it in his view:

"It's a lot of fun, but it feels like it's an incomplete product. It's a bit like a demo. That's what it feels like. I like the demo, but I can't play the demo for very long. I want the complete package, I want the selection of multiple maps, I want more legends, I want more stuff happening with the game."

Dr DisRespect

Dr. Disrespect's concern is one that many players have voiced recently, with the glacially-paced content rollout of Apex Legends beginning to take its toll on a playerbase that was rabid for the title when it first launched. Since February 4, however, the game has only expanded with one new weapon and one new character, alongside a Season 1 pass that was extremely underwhelming in the content it offered players for grinding through multiple play sessions.

Dr. Disrespect makes some valid points, and it's interesting to think about in a greater context, too — is Apex Legends really that slow in rolling out content, or is it suffering because of the extremely quick turnaround from other games like Fortnite? While it's probably a mixture of the two, the reality is with streamers like Dr. Disrespect and Shroud migrating away from the title and fans getting impatient over content updates, something needs to change soon. Fair or not, the battle royale genre demands a quick pace in content, and if Apex Legends doesn't shore that up soon, it's going to continue to plummet in viewership numbers and cede even more ground back to its competitors after a promising start.

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