Dr. Curt Connors Confirmed For Spider-Man 4

Speculation, here we come!

Dylan Baker, the actor who played the minor role of Dr. Curt Connors in the last two Spider-Man movies has confirmed that he'll be in Spider-Man 4. Now, this doesn't mean we'll be seeing his scaly alter ego known as The Lizard, but it sure wouldn't be surprising.

Even if The Lizard wasn't making his appearance, we'd expect Dr. Curt Connors to play at least a small part again. It wouldn't make sense to have him involved in the plot of Spider-Man 2 & 3 then throw him away.

During the Q&A segment for a Trick 'r Treat presentation on Wednesday, Mr. Baker was asked about his involvement in the next Sam Raimi Spidey adventure and he said he was on-board but that he'd just be a smaller background character again.

Online speculation from polls and forums seems to bring up two names consistently: Lizard and Carnage. While I don't like the idea of going with another symbiotic villain after Venom's poor turn-out in Spider-Man 3, I do think seeing Mr. Connors transform into The Lizard and finally having two arms again is an obvious choice, even if he's a minor villain for the next movie.

The last we heard from director Sam Raimi on the topic of Spider-Man 4 villains was that he really liked the idea of The Lizard but that he didn't know too much about Carnage. Take from that what you will but it's possible none of what they say is true. Perhaps the denied Morbius could still be a villain choice since his story does mesh perfectly with The Lizard. There's also that rumor of Bruce Campbell playing Mysterio, but all we know for sure is that Campbell will have a bigger role in Spider-Man 4.

Are you happy to know that Dylan Baker will be acting in Spider-Man 4? What do you think the story implications of this are?

Spider-Man 4 is planned for an early March production start and is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2011, the summer of the superhero.

Source: UGO

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