Downton Abbey Stars Recap Entire TV Show In 10 Minutes Ahead Of Movie

Downton Abbey stars recap entire TV show in 10 minutes, ahead of movie. For fans of the early 20th century drama based on the lives of England’s upper class, the end of Downton Abbey came far too soon. At the tail end of 2015, Downton Abbey ended with season 6 as the Crawley family and their lively cast of estate staff bid farewell to all.

Without a doubt, Downton Abbey held a special kind of intrigue over viewers and critics alike, making it a huge success not just within its home nation of England, but internationally as well. The recipient of more nominations for an international series than any other in the history of the Emmy Awards, the series had such an extensive degree of ups and downs in each episode that fans were left guessing what was next every time they sat down to watch. And, although the final episode didn’t offer as many surprises as was typical up to that point from series creator Julian Fellowes, the end of Downton Abbey still felt somewhat jarring for many, as there still seemed so much to focus on, with so many potential stories left to tell.

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Fortunately for Downton Abbey fans, the popularity of the series has been so enduring that an original film is on its way. With just over a week to go before the Crawley family and company arrive on the big screen, Focus Features has dropped a 10-minute breakdown of all six seasons. Hosted by Downton Abbey staff Mr. Carson (Jim Carter) and Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan), the video highlights all the key points of the six seasons, ensuring that even just casual fans of Downton Abbey will be ready for the new film. You can check out the video below:

Of course, serious Downton Abbey fans will know that even a 10-minute video can’t possibly delve all the way in to the numerous occurrences that have taken place at the famed estate. Still, the video offers an excellent brush up on the most vital incidences that have taken place at Downton over the years, which aptly paves the way for what will be the arrival of the estate’s biggest guests ever, when the king and queen of England come to stay in the upcoming film. Exactly what sort of issues will reveal themselves during the royal family’s stay remains unknown at present, but this being Downton Abbey, one can bet that something major will likely occur before the end credits run.

Whether or not a Downton Abbey film adaptation was necessary is debatable, but for fans of the series, this is a perfect opportunity to see exactly how things have been taking shape since Lady Mary and Tom Branson took over management of the estate. That being said, the final season of Downton Abbey seemed to be lacking the sort of unexpected twists that the rest of the series had offered, so hopefully a feature film will bring with it enough surprises to make this adaptation worthwhile.

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Source: Focus Features

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