You Can Stay In Downton Abbey On Airbnb (& It's Surprisingly Cheap)

Fans of Downton Abbey are being given the upcoming opportunity to spend a night at the actual castle through Airbnb - and it's surprisingly cheap.

You can stay in Downton Abbey on Airbnb (and it’s surprisingly cheap). Few historical dramas can lay claim to the sort of gargantuan success that has been achieved by the hit series, which ran through season 6, from 2010 to 2015.

For many fans, one of most attractive factors of the award-winning series was Downton Abbey's storybook-like setting in the English countryside, at the eponymous Downton manor. Though the events that gave life and much intrigue to the series relied on the trials and tribulations of the Crawley family as well as their extensive number of live-in staff, Downton itself created the perfect oasis from a world and era that was changing at an incredibly fast rate. Still, regardless of the grand estate’s numerous rooms and tranquil grounds, discord consistently found the Crawleys and their staff, making Downton both a blessing and a burden at times.

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Fans of the all too briefly running series felt no small amount of sadness when the Crawley family and company said goodbye in 2015, but a new Downton Abbey feature film has been released in the UK, with an international release due in a matter of days. While this is great news for Downton fans, an even more immersive experience has just been revealed courtesy of Airbnb. For one night only on Nov. 26, fans will be able to book into the iconic Downton Abbey estate - otherwise known in the real world as Highclere Castle, for one night at the reasonable sum of $159 USD.

This exciting privilege has been organized by the castle’s owner, Lady Carnarvon, with reservation opportunities going live as of October 1. The estate offers 300 rooms, but of course, this being the setting for Downton Abbey, all rooms are expected to be quickly booked. Aside from the pleasure of spending the night at the famed castle, guests will be served cocktails in the saloon, which will then be followed by dinner with the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon in the State Dining Room. Coffee will be served after dinner in the library, and the following day, breakfast will be offered as well as an exclusive tour of the castle’s grounds, before saying goodbye with a special gift from the Earl and Countess. During their stay, guests can expect to explore areas of the castle seen in the hit series, such as the drawing room and library.

Without a doubt, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any Downton Abbey fan, and with Highclere Castle being a mere 50 miles from London, it isn’t that difficult for those who don’t live in the area (or country) to find their way there. Of course, this may still not be a realistic trip for some, but for those who can’t make a stay in Downton Abbey a reality, there’s always the escapism of the upcoming film.

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