Robert Downey Jr. 'Really Enjoyed' Avengers Scenes With Cumberbatch

Robert Downey Jr. teases his fun scenes with Benedict Cumberbatch in Avengers: Infinity War. Playing Tony Stark/Iron Man and Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange respectively, RDJ and Cumberbatch are only two of the many, many actors that are slated to appear in the upcoming Marvel Studios epic as the MCU gears up to fight their most dangerous threat yet: Thanos.

The tandem between the two aforementioned characters is one of the most-anticipated in Infinity War. Until now, Strange and his mystical arts cohorts have been removed from the bigger MCU, sans his brief interactions with Thor and Loki. But knowing now that he has knowledge about the Infinity Stones (as revealed in the comics), chances are that he's been keeping an eye on most of the MCU heroes so he can easily round them up if he needs back-up. And with Stark based in New York like he is, the Sorcerer Supreme will naturally call him first.

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As part of EW's extensive feature on Infinity War, RDJ sat down with the media outlet and shared some tidbits on what fans can expect on Marvel's upcoming blockbuster. Given the number of characters who need to share screen time, the Russo resorted to the assembling mini-groups, one of which includes Stark, Strange, Wong (Benedict Wong), and at some points, Bruce Banner and Peter Parker. With Iron Man spending some time with the sorcerers, RDJ particularly talks about his relationship with Cumberbatch, saying he enjoyed sharing the screen with the British actor:

"I love how Cumberbatch just comes in and kind of draws flaming circles anywhere and can basically step into your movie. That’s fun. And we wanted to keep a little bit of the Science Bros thing alive, even though Ruffalo has been on such an amazing Banner/Hulk journey himself. I really, really, really enjoyed getting to know and work with and play around with Benedict as Strange. Benedict Wong also, by the way is fantastic."

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Stark and Strange have a lot of things to bond over. Both smart, snarky and never intended to be a hero, but both are currently at the forefront of the upcoming catastrophic battle against Thanos. We've seen a little bit of what their tandem would look like during Infinity War's Super Bowl spot with the Sorcerer Supreme casting his spell and Iron Man swooping through it. But more than the action scenes, fans are particularly excited what the dynamic would be between the two knowing that they could go back-and-forth with endless banter, especially given that their power sources could not be more different.

We can expect that the two actors will share screentime for a larger chunk of Infinity War, based on the handful of footage and promo stills that we've seen from the film. Given Strange's considerable knowledge of the Infinity Gems and a running theory linking the Soul Stone (the only remaining stone which is still unfounded) to Stark, it will be interesting how their relationship progresses if the aforementioned speculation comes to fruition.

Fans won't have to wait long to find more about Stark and Strange's relationship and see the fun scenes that RDJ is teasing about as Avengers: Infinity War is now debuting a week earlier from its original release date of May 4th.  With the films now only seven weeks away from arriving, we expect to learn more about the movie and the characters with Disney and Marvel Studios' marketing machine kicking off into high gear.

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Source: EW

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