Doug Liman To Save 'The Last of the Tribe'

Now that Warner Bros. have put their 3D version of The Three Musketeers on the backburner, director Doug Liman's next project may be a more modern book-to-film adaptation of the newly-released work, The Last of the Tribe.

Variety is reporting that Liman is now attached to a big screen treatment of Washinton Post correspondent Monte Reel's nonfiction novel, the full title of which is The Last of the Tribe: The Epic Quest to Save a Lone Man in the Amazon.  The book will be adapted by screenwriter Mark Bailey, who received an Emmy nomination for his writing on the 2003 mini-series Pandemic: Facing AIDS.

Bailey will also serve as executive producer on the film, with Liman, David Bartis, Ed Saxon, Steve Schwarz, and Paula Mae Schwartz taking on producing duties.  The Schwarzes are the founders of Chockstone Pictures, which holds the rights to The Last of the Tribe and previously released the movie version of Cormac McCarthy's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Road.

The Last of the Tribe tells the true story of an Amazonian aborigine found in 1996 that experts were shocked to discover was the last surviving member of an otherwise extinct tribe.  The book chronicles the attempts of a dedicated group of individuals to protect the native against local government officials and other exterior forces that threaten his fragile existence.

This project brings to mind the 1992 Sean Connery vehicle Medicine Man (see below), another South America-set, political (albeit fictional) feature that was also directed by a filmmaker better known for his action movies - John McTiernan of Predator and Die Hard fame.  The results were kind of mixed then, so we shall see if Bourne Identity/Mr. & Mrs. Smith helmer Liman can do better.

Medicine Man movie

Liman recently completed work on Fair Game, another political drama inspired by real events - the infamous outing of Valerie Plame as a C.I.A. agent - which stars Sean Penn and Naomi Watts.  That feature is due out at the end of 2010 so you can expect Liman to begin production on The Last of the Tribe in the near future.

Source: Variety (via Collider)

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