Doug Liman Wants Edge of Tomorrow Rebranded As Live Die Repeat

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in Edge Of Tomorrow

The director of Edge of Tomorrow wants the film rebranded with the title, Live Die Repeat, so that the sequel, Live Die Repeat and Repeat will be in line with its predecessor. The director also offers vague details on the time travel aspect of the upcoming film.

Initially titled All You Need is Kill, the 2014 science fiction film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt was based off a Japanese graphic novel of the same name. In 2013, Warner Bros. decided to change the title to Edge of Tomorrow, though the film's director, Doug Liman, fought hard for the film to be titled Live Die Repeat. However, the studio won the battle over the name. After the film failed to meet expectations at the box office, the movie was released on home media with Live Die Repeat featured prominently.

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A sequel was later announced, and in May Liman revealed that the film's title would be Live Die Repeat and Repeat. According to Yahoo! Movies, Liman is interested in rebranding the first movie as Live Die Repeat to avoid confusion if the second film launches with its current title.

"I’m hoping to rebrand it fully as Live Die Repeat, and the sequel will be inspired from that, whether it’s Live Die Repeat and Repeat or something else. Tom and I make movies for the long term, and I really think about getting the title settled for posterity."

Liman also discussed the film's plot and confirmed that it will take place where the last one left off and that will go backwards in time from that moment. Liman's remarks reaffirm an earlier statement from writer Christopher McQuarrie who said that the sequel would "make complete sense" of the first movie's ending.

Edge of Tomorrow put Tom Cruise's character, Major Bill Cage, in a time loop, which is a time travel concept made popular in Groundhog's Day that involves the protagonist reliving the same day over and over again. Cage had no choice but to constantly relive an alien invasion until he was able to find a way to stop it. The film ended with Cage succeeding in defeating the aliens, but the result was another time reset that took Cage back hours before the aliens' defeat, leading viewers to wonder how the aliens could still be dead.

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A release date for Live Die Repeat and Repeat has not been set.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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