Snooki Reunites With Vinny To Judge the Women of A Double Shot at Love

Dj Pauly D and Vinny Double Shot At Love MTV

It was a Jersey Shore reunion on A Double Shot at Love as Vinny Guadagnino introduced his potential paramours to a very special lady in his life: Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Thursday’s episode of the MTV dating series featured Vinny and best friend Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio in the latest stage of their quest to find the perfect partner. The remaining lovelorn women finally ventured outside of the mansion, as the guys allowed the ladies a closer look into their personal lives. The prospective girlfriends followed Pauly D on his DJing gigs while Vinny welcomed them to his hometown of Staten Island.

Once the women were settled inside a local pizza restaurant, Vinny hinted that a "special friend" would arrive to meet them soon. Though some of the women speculated that they were dining with a family member, all guesses flew out the window as Snooki walked through the door to excited screams, prompting her to ask, “Am I Oprah?”

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Snooki and Vinny of Jersey Shore on Double Shot at Love

While the two close friends share a romantic history (via an infamous Jersey Shore hookup) Snooki rebuffed suggestions of awkwardness and avoidance between them, stating that she and Vinny were both “over it.” The MTV celebrity invited Snooki with the expectation she would give him valuable feedback about the participants vying for his heart in her trademark frank, indiscreet manner and his reality co-star wasted no time cross-examining the women and even pulled out a clipboard to make official notes.

Snooki subjected the ladies to an increasingly intimate line of questioning, grilling them about everything from STIs to the last time they had sex. The girls were more than game and provided truthful answers that clearly impressed Snooki (who favored Suzi, Elle, and “the MILF” Brittany). Snooki also told Vinny that she felt he had a connection with Maria.

Jersey Shore stars Pauly D and Vinny take Double Shot at Love on MTV

Despite Snooki's supportive comments, Suzi was ultimately chosen for the lonely cab drive home - while the rest of Snooki’s picks remain. In particular, Elle may have benefitted the most from the Jersey Shore alum’s unexpected appearance, as she seemed to understand the importance behind Vinny’s choice of guest.

She acknowledged that dating Vinny would come with his posse of close Jersey Shore friends and suggested that in order to have a chance with him, former co-stars like Snooki would need to genuinely like her and approve of the pair's relationship. Elle's comments displayed a perceptiveness that may get her far if she continues to consider a possible romance with Vinny beyond the confines of the current reality game show format. Elle admitted she felt a lot of pressure to impress Snooki - a good sign that she is on the show for the right reasons - but it turned out she had nothing to worry about - securing a spot as one of Snooki’s selected favorites. She has one Jersey Shore alum's approval, but will that be enough to win Vinny's affections?

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A Double Shot at Love airs Thursdays @ 8 PM ET on MTV.

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