Double Dare TV Series Revival Ordered By Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon's popular TV series Double Dare is returning to the small screen after 18 years. The network has ordered a 40-episode series revival, bringing back the slime-heavy game show centered around young contestants.

Premiering in 1986 and ranking as #29 on TV Guide's "60 Greatest Game Shows of All Time," Double Dare was a massively popular game show for kids that included everything from physical stunts to trivia - and, of course, Nickelodeon's trademark green slime. In the show, contestants were asked to answer various trivia questions; if they were unable to answer the questions, they would then dare the other team instead. Eventually, failure to answer the questions correctly would lead to physical challenges, including "The Sundae Slide", the "1-Ton Human Hamster Wheel", and the giant nose-picking "Pick It". Now, after 18 years and three spinoffs, Nickelodeon has decided to revive the series, ordering 40 episodes to be released this summer. This revival follows a running trend with Nickelodeon to bring back popular shows from the '90s, like Clarissa Explains it All with Melissa Joan Hart and two Hey Arnold! TV movies (one of which aired last year on Thanksgiving).

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Few details have been released concerning how closely the revival will follow the original series, but according to THRNickelodeon has revealed that the revival will "feature appearances from blasts from the past, longtime Double Dare fans and stars from today." That said, it's unclear whether or not Marc Summers, Double Dare's original host during the original 1986-1993 run, will make a return as a guest or host - if at all. And though there is very little in the way of specifics, the revival will undoubtedly reimplement their trademark green slime.

Double Dare with host Marc Summers

This won't be the first time Nickelodeon has attempted to breathe new life into the show, first reviving the show in 1987 as Super Sloppy Double Dare, then again in 2000 as Double Dare 2000, but neither spinoff managed to gain much momentum. Fox had even attempted to broaden the scope of the show, integrating whole families into the mix, as opposed to just children, with Fox's Family Double Dare, but it also failed to find an audience. As for Celebrity Double Dare, it never even got past the pilot episode.

Reviving existing shows has become a running trend in the past few years. Roseannes, Full House, Will and Grace, and even American Idol have all returned from the television graveyard, but Nickelodeon, especially, is taking advantage of bringing dated properties back to life. Along with the aforementioned Clarissa Explains it All reboot, the network also adapted their other '90s game show Legends of the Hidden Temple into a TV movie in 2016, is reviving Blues Clues with a 20-episode order, and are even adapting their horror anthology series Are You Afraid of the Dark into a feature-length film from Paramount Pictures. Whether or not these revivals lead to reboot-fatigue is anyone's guess, but for now, only time will tell.

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Source: THR

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