Double Dare Game Show Returning For Comic-Con

Double Dare with host Marc Summers

Full House and The X-Files returned to TV. Jeff Goldblum battled aliens. A Clinton is running for president. Guns N' Roses are touring. It may technically be 2016, but the 1990s are back in a big way. With that in mind, Nickelodeon - and its nostalgia-focused programming block The Splat - have opted to resurrect arguably the network's most famous game show in history during the 2016 Comic-Con festivities in San Diego.

That's right: it's time to find a good a pair of Gak-resistant shoes and get ready for a physical challenge - because for one night only, Double Dare is coming back.

Originally running for 7 seasons from 1986-1993 - with a short-lived revival airing in 2000 - Double Dare's premise was fairly simple and straightforward. Two teams -  a red team and a blue team - would compete to correctly answer a series of trivia questions, with correct answers maintaining control of the round and winning money in a setup somewhat similar to Family Feud.

However, on Double Dare, the team in control could opt to dare their opponents to answer a particularly hard question, increasing its value in the process. In response, the other team could send the question back in the form of a double dare, requiring the controlling team to either take a shot at answering or take part in a (almost always messy) physical challenge. The team with the most money at the end of round two then got a chance to try and complete the obstacle course bonus round in order to win the grand prize.

Double Dare with host Marc Summers

The host for Double Dare's original run was Marc Summers, who gained initial fame working for Nickelodeon, then spent his post-Nick years hosting other game shows, daytime talk shows and occasional reality shows. He currently executive produces the Food Network series Restaurant: Impossible. Because it just wouldn't feel right without him, Nickelodeon is bringing in the now 64-year-old Summers to host Double Dare's one night Comic-Con revival, effectively bringing his career full circle.

As one might imagine, Comic-Con's rendition of Double Dare will retain the familiar rules and setup, and bring back the Gak-infused physical challenges. Even the fondly-remembered giant nose prop will return. Convention attendees will also have an opportunity to meet and greet with Summers during an autograph and photo session at Nickelodeon's booth. Of course, not everyone interested in witnessing Double Dare's rebirth will be able to attend in person. Thankfully, the entire event is being streamed live through Facebook on Friday, July 22nd at 9:30pm PST (12:30am for those on the east coast).

For those who grew up with Double Dare, Comic-Con week just got a whole lot more fun.

Source: Nickelodeon

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