Discuss: Smallville 'Doomsday' Episode!

Hey folks, just a reminder for you that tonight's episode of Smallville features a full-on version of Doomsday!

If you're not familiar with the character, he's the big, scary guy who managed to actually kill Superman in the comics a few years back. It was a HUGE event in the comic book world and led to a full year without the "regular" Superman existing in the DC Comics universe.

And tonight we get to watch him face off against Smallville's version of Superman: Clark Kent.

This season of the show has been a HUGE improvement over the previous one. It seems that the departure of series creators Miles Millar and Al Gough was well overdue - the "new blood" that has taken over the show has done a very good job this season.

We've had no Lana Lang (well, it looks like she does put in an appearance tonight), and finally Clark (Tom Welling) is coming into his own as a superhero and is maturing big time. Moving the show mostly to Metropolis has worked out really well.

One of the more controversial plot points was the introduction of paramedic Davis Bloome (played by Sam Witwer) as the character who would eventually become Doomsday. There were concerns because in the comics Superman doesn't meet this big bad guy until he's been fully Superman for a very long time. There were also concerns about how the show would portray the character.

Well if you look at the image above you can see that it looks like they went all out and that the character does in fact look very similar to the one in the comic book.

Superman vs. Doomsday (from

So the question remains of how the battle between Clark and Doomsday will go tonight - I have more than a sneaking suspicion that this is going to be a two-part episode.

In any case, I'm looking forward to this... are you?

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