Geoff Johns' Doomsday Clock Trailer: Watchmen Crossover Comic Explained

DC Rebirth Watchmen Comedian Smiley Face

A new trailer has been released by DC for the upcoming Doomsday Clock series, which brings together Justice League heroes and Watchmen characters. The event series will pit Superman against Dr. Manhattan, but will also feature several other Justice League members (including Wonder Woman and Batman) as well as the rest of the Watchmen team. The return of Rorschach has already been teased in a new cover for the series, and the project has been described as "epic and utterly mind bending" - building the hype for what is sure to be one of the biggest events in the DCU for many years.

Doomsday Clock is closely linked to DC's Rebirth, and was originally teased in the first issue of Rebirth, when Batman discovered the iconic smiley face while trying to figure out who had been tampering with time. It's time that the Justice League learn it's Dr. Manhattan who is responsible for the massive changes to the timeline - and this is a reveal that is sure to have huge repercussions for the entire DC universe. Now, a new trailer for the book delves into the upcoming series in a little more detail.

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The video is just over three minutes of Geoff Johns himself talking about how the idea for the series came to him, how it ties in to Rebirth #1, and  a little bit about what fans can expect from the series. Johns is collaborating on the series with Gary Frank and Ben Anderson, an absolute dream team for DC.

DC Rebirth Watchmen Comedian Smiley Face

This isn't the first time that DC has released a trailer like this for a major comic event. In 2015, a similar launch campaign was created for Rebirth itself, and while Doomsday Clock may not have quite the same kind of repercussions across the DC universe that Rebirth did, it's still clear this is an absolutely massive DC event. Johns will be further promoting the series at New York Comic Con, where the first page will be revealed to the audience at his panel.

This trailer is a fantastic look at where Doomsday Clock started, and is a perfect reminder for fans of how the Watchmen crossover was first teased at the beginning of Rebirth. Johns' passion for the subject material is obvious, and he briefly mentions the political climate that has informed the storyline (and is bound to be inflammatory, as politics in comics often are). The video also features another cover for the series, with a group of people waving a sign reading "The End Is Here," which also ties into some of the political undertones to the story.

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Doomsday Clock #1 hits shelves November 22, 2017

Source: DC

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