Which DC Hero is Watchmen's Dr. Manhattan in Disguise?

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Doomsday Clock #2


After Watchmen ended, Dr. Manhattan's joined the DC Universe - with one Doomsday Clock theory suggesting he was reborn as a famous DC superhero. It may seem like an outlandish idea, and an even more direct link between the worlds of Watchmen and DC Comics than fans expected when Doomsday Clock was announced. The official sequel to the Watchmen story promised to be one even comic book fans could respect and appreciate. And already, writer Geoff Johns has teased a shocking reveal about Dr. Manhattan's existing role in the DC Universe.

Just two issues in Doomsday Clock is proving to be an intriguing continuation of Watchmen's narrative. Johns has introduced a new Rorschach, delivered a tragic 'true' ending to Watchmen, and teased the possibility of secret connections between the worlds and characters. But in Issue #2, the team-up of Ozymandias and Rorschach comes to DC's Universe in search of Dr. Manhattan... or whatever name he's now going by in this world of superheroes.

In the process, dropping a suggestion that is guaranteed to have comic fans debating, speculating, and possibly even dreading the coming reveals.

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Dr. Manhattan Came To DC's Universe After 'Watchmen'

When the premise for Doomsday Clock was revealed to be "Watchmen heroes meet DC," few assumed that meeting would be literal, more than figurative. But in Issue #2, the Watchmen heroes literally enter DC's universe, tunneling through space and time to leap from their own world in 1992 to the modern DC timeline in 2017. The goal remains the same for Ozymandias, the world's greatest criminal who murdered three million innocent New Yorkers, hoping it would save mankind. With the world back on the brink, only Dr. Manhattan's god-like powers can save it... but he has to find him, first.

To do that Ozymandias a.k.a. Adrian Veidt has turned to his intellect. His run-in with Manhattan in the final act of Watchmen gave him a clue, and the ability to hone in on Manhattan's molecular footprint. By tracking it, Ozymandias could, in theory, follow Dr. Manhattan to wherever it is he disappeared to after the events of Watchmen soured him on humanity. But that's easier said than done, requiring Veidt to achieve quantum tunneling... since Dr. Manhattan didn't go to a far-off place, but a far-off universe.

The DC Universe, to be more exact. And when he got there... well, let's just say that the world's smartest man, and its greatest vigilante detective concoct a theory. Not only is it possible for Dr. Manhattan to seek out a new universe, but he may decide it's time to put himself into it as something more than the scientist he once was.

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