Doom Teaser Trailer is Out

I haven't followed the movie version of Doom very closely and the only version of the video game I played was the free one back in the stone age days of the internet (Anyone remember the Mosaic browser? I didn't think so).

Anyway, thanks to "Filmforce", you can see the first teaser trailer for Doom, starring none other than "The Rock".

The trailer starts out with an Aliens vibe (which is a good thing) but I was distracted by the cheesy voice-over. By the end of the trailer though, it seems to degenerate into a Resident Evil kind of mode.

I'm sure it'll just be a fun, check-your-brain-at-the-door kind of sci-fi/action flick. In any case I enjoy watching "The Rock" play action hero. :-)

Click here for the Doom trailer download page.

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