Doom's Multiplayer Modes Revealed In New Gameplay Video

DOOM remake gameplay - Demon battle

Last month, the release date for the upcoming Doom remake was finally revealed along with a trailer for the single player campaign. That trailer didn’t exactly explain much in the way of the game’s story, apart from that it will involve shooting a horde of demons in the face. Then again, maybe that’s all Doom needs to be.

We’ve been told that the game is not a sequel to Doom 3, but neither is it a total reboot of the franchise. Whatever it actually is, fans did get a recent glimpse at the kind of gameplay that the game, will offer in terms of multiplayer. That side of the game will be offering mostly adrenaline pumping, frenzied run-and-gunning action. Now we know even more as a second multiplayer trailer has been released by Bethesda, showing off more gameplay and announcing all the different game modes.

All the game modes announced will be available to play at launch, and most aim to offer something a little different in addition to the usual run of the mill death match - promising ‘countless ways to kill’ and ‘infinite ways to die’. The first of the six modes is Soul Harvest, where you will need to collect your opponents’ soul after killing them to score points. Then there’s Freeze Tag: shoot to freeze your enemies and unfreeze your teammates before they die. Warpath has you capturing the moving zone in what sounds like a variation of a ‘capture the flag’ mode, only instead of finding an enemy’s flag to take, a certain area of the map will be up for grabs. The remaining modes are Domination, Clan Arena, and Team Deathmatch.

DOOM remake gameplay - Demon battle

Certain Affinity, the developer behind the multiplayer part of the game, is hoping that fans will find that at least one of the multiplayer modes on offer will satisfy their bloodlust. Just like the first multiplayer trailer, the action looks frenzied and victory over your friends should be immensely satisfying judging by potential finishing moves shown in the trailer.

It won’t be long until players can get their first taste of this multiplayer mayhem, with a closed beta planned to begin on March 31. The beta will run until April 3 on both consoles and PC. Remember, though, it’s closed so there’s limited ways to which you will be able to gain access. Those who pre-ordered a copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order, whether it was bought digitally or as a physical copy, should have a code redeemable for beta access. Codes are also being given to people who pre-order Doom itself from some participating retailers.

The beta is for the multiplayer experience only and includes limited content. There will be two game modes to test out; 6v6 Team Deathmatch and Warpath playable on two maps, Heatwave and Infernal. Weapons available will include the rocket launcher, plasma rifle, super shogun, vortex rifle and lightning gun, plus a power weapon called the gauss cannon. More intriguing is how the Revenant Demon will come into play. Will it appear randomly in the middle of a match? Or will one player be able to unleash hell themselves? That beta can’t come quickly enough.

Doom is released on May 13 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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