Doom's Returning Enemies Revealed By Data Mining

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Fans of the seminal first-person shooter series Doom, from video game developer id Software, are no doubt eagerly anticipating the 2016 release of the upcoming reboot. Ever since the first Doom game was released way back in 1993, gamers have salivated over the title's unique host of demonic enemies and gory combat, and it is still recognized as one of the greatest first person shooters of all time. Following the release of the first official trailer for the Doom remake from publisher Bethesda Softworks, future players are no doubt already salivating over the featured gameplay soon to come when the game finally sees release later this year.

It should come as no surprise by now that players who plan on playing Doom this May can expect to fight such well-remembered AI baddies as the Lost Souls, Pinky Demons, Cacodemons, and Mancubi, but the latest batch of data-mining from the Doom multi-player Alpha that ran in early December 2015 reveals that two more core demons will also make a return to consoles, in addition to a few significant changes in terms of basic game mechanics.

According to PC Games Network, the Spider Mastermind and Arch-Ville will also be making their return to the series this year, with the former featured antagonist rumored to now feature multiple laser attacks, crawling mines, and telekinesis abilities; Arachnotrons and Pain Elements will be absent in the new title, though randomly generating bosses might be a possibility in certain areas. It is also believed that the gameplay in multiplayer will be much faster than what has been seen so far, and that the reboot will include old school Ultraviolent and Nightmare difficulty modes, and will feature levels named The Foundry and Olympia, as featured in the previously released E3 demos, in addition to references to a BFG Division and the well known Lazarus Labs.

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The inclusion of so many fan favorite elements from the original game can only make for a more entertaining and crucially intriguing return to the world of Doom when the reboot of the series finally sees release this summer. And based on the footage released thus far, coupled with the information gleaned from the data-mining previously discussed, the remake should include enough familiar elements bolstered by a number of novel elements and modifications to the core tenets of the franchise to make the game an experience not to be missed.

Those who will be returning to the classic first-person shooter might just have something entirely original to engage with when they pick up the latest entry in May, and newcomers should find plenty of fast-paced action to draw them in. With any luck, id and Bethesda will be able to live up to the legacy of the property, and the Doom reboot will be a true return to form for the series as a whole. 

Doom will be available to purchase from all participating retailers for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 13th, 2016.

Source: PC Games Network

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