Doom Patrol TV Show Details Compare Crazy Jane To Harley Quinn

Crazy Jane Doom Patrol

A character breakdown for the upcoming Doom Patrol series being prepared for DC Universe compares one of its main heroines - Crazy Jane - to Suicide Squad mainstay Harley Quinn. First appearing in Doom Patrol #19 in February 1989, Crazy Jane was the superhero code-name given to a woman named Kay Challis.

Kay developed dissociative identity disorder (what used to be known as multiple personality disorder) as a result of her abusive childhood, maintaining 64 unique personalities. When Kay's metagene (the genetic marker that causes some people in the DC Universe to develop superpowers in moments of great stress) was activated during the Invasion! storyline, each of Kay's personalities gained a different power, except for her dominant personality, Jane Morris.

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That Hashtag Show reports that the character breakdown for Doom Patrol's Crazy Jane describes her as being in her 20's, having multiple personalities, and being "Harley Quinn-esque." The breakdown also notes that Crazy Jane will not be appearing in the team's introduction in the fifth episode of Titans, but will be a series regular in Doom Patrol.

One question posed by this description is which version of Harley Quinn, so to speak, the showrunners have in mind. Harley is one of the more versatile characters in DC Comics' stable, varying between a fun-loving genius who only plays at being crazy to a sadistic maniac who is every bit as bad as The Joker. There's also a good deal of debate as to whether or not Harley is capable of being an honest heroine (as in the alternate reality of Injustice) or if the best that can be hoped for is for her to be aimed at the right targets, as in Suicide Squad.

One possibility is that Crazy Jane will be portrayed in the same manner as one recent Harley Quinn comic, which depicted the classic, Joker-loving, hopeless-romantic Harley Quinn as having another personality that resembled the independent anti-heroine from the current comic books. Given what little is known of the series, however, it seems likely the Harley Quinn comparison may just be a reference for the benefit of more casual comic book fans, who may not know anything about Doom Patrol but will be familiar with Harley Quinn if only from Margot Robbie's portrayal of the character in the DC Extended Universe. Barring any further announcements, audiences won't know how apt the comparison between Harley Quinn and Crazy Jane is until the new show airs on DC Universe.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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