Rumor: Doom Patrol TV Show Will Include Danny The Street

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A new report indicates that Danny The Street will be part of the cast of DC Universe's upcoming Doom Patrol series. No voice actor has been announced in association with the role, but this is not surprising as the living landscape is mute in the comics and communicates through strategically placed signs and wafts of smoke that spell out words.

First introduced in Doom Patrol #35 in August 1990, Danny The Street is a rather unusual character, even by the standards of the Doom Patrol - a superhero team originally described as "The World's Strangest Heroes" when they first saw publication in 1963. Danny The Street is a roadway that achieved sentience, finding ways to psychically influence the people who lived on him. Danny was introduced into the second incarnation of the Doom Patrol, acting as the the team's base of operations and chief form of transport, as Danny had the ability to teleport between cities and naturally blend himself into the background of any urban setting.

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Geeks WorldWide announced Danny's inclusion as a character in the upcoming Doom Patrol television series. The announcement also discussed Danny's status as one of comic's first openly queer characters. Identifying as a man, Danny's avenue is full of gun shops and sporting-goods stores, as well as shops with lacy curtains and pink bunting. This character detail is said to be a tribute to famous stage actor and drag queen Danny LaRue, whose last name translates to "the street" in French.

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The announcement also said that Doom Patrol will include the character of Darren Jones - a villainous man who seeks to destroy anything that falls outside of his 1950s sitcom-inspired definition of normality. In the comics, the Doom Patrol encountered Jones as he was in the middle of trying to destroy Danny The Street and the society of oddballs, outcasts, and outsiders whom Danny had taken in as residents of his neighborhood. It is suspected that Danny's existence may be revealed to the Doom Patrol in a similar fashion on the show.

While Danny's inclusion in Doom Patrol is still only a rumor at this time, it's possible that he may have already appeared in a DC Universe television series. In the fourth episode of Titans, which introduced the Doom Patrol characters, it was said that Dr. Niles Caulder's mansion lay at the end of Danny Street. While the road showed no signs of sentience on Titans, it seems fitting, given that the comic book version of Danny made himself into a refuge for troubled souls like those making up the Doom Patrol.

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Source: Geeks Worldwide

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