DC's Doom Patrol Series Casts Orange is the New Black Star as Crazy Jane

Diane Guerrero joins the cast of DC Universe's Doom Patrol TV series in the role of Crazy Jane. Guerrero is most known for her portrayal of Maritza Ramos on the acclaimed Netflix series Orange is the New Black, but she has also appeared in several other TV shows over the years such as Superior Donuts and Jane the Virgin.

The Doom Patrol series is set in the same universe as the upcoming Titans TV series, both of which will debut on the DC Universe streaming service. Guerrero joins a cast that also includes April Bowlby as Elastigirl. Jake Michaels and Dwain Murphy were set to play Robot Man and Negative Man, respectively, in Titans, but have not been confirmed to reprise their roles in Doom Patrol. Following the events of Titans, the show will air sometime in 2019, but no release date has been given yet.

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According to THR, Guerrero will play the super-powered wild card Crazy Jane. The character has 64 distinct personalities with a different superpower associated with each one. Based on character descriptions thus far, it appears that Crazy Jane will be the show’s equivalent to Harley Quinn, with her mental instability and abusive past being the major components to her characterization. Though several members of the Doom Patrol will make their debut in Titans, Guerrero’s Crazy Jane will debut in the Doom Patrol series.

In the source material, Crazy Jane’s powers and multiple personalities manifested as a result of sexual abuse. How exactly the show will handle this subject is uncertain, but it can be expected not to pull any punches if it's set in the same gritty universe as Titans. It will also require a very nuanced performance, so Guerrero will definitely have some big shoes to fill. It will be interesting to see how she tackles a serious role as Crazy Jane given that most of her experience has involved comedic acting.

Doom Patrol certainly seems to be rounding out its cast with proven talent. Aside from the latest addition of Guerrero, the show is also reportedly hoping to cast veteran TV actor Kelsey Grammer as The Chief/Dr. Niles Caulder (the Doom Patrol’s equivalent to Professor X). On the creative side, the Arrowverse helmer Greg Berlanti will oversee the project, along with Geoff Johns as a producer. Clearly, DC is betting big on the success of Titans and Doom Patrol, adding established actors to their upcoming shows. With a number of exciting projects in the pipeline, the DC Universe will, hopefully, deliver the content worthy of a monthly subscription.

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Source: THR

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