DC Universe's Doom Patrol TV Show Teaser Reveals 2019 Premiere Date

Doom Patrol Teaser Trailer Posters

DC Universe's Doom Patrol TV show unveils a teaser trailer and character posters that confirm the series' early 2019 premiere date. Doom Patrol is the second live-action original series created by DC Entertainment for their streaming service. The first, Titans, concludes its 11-episode first season today, bringing the stories of Robin, Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire to an end - for now. Titans was renewed for season 2 earlier this year and reports indicate it could start filming in early 2019 for a premiere date later next year. Until then, fans will be able to tide themselves over with more original series, including Doom Patrol.

Members of the Doom Patrol team actually made their debut on Titans season 1, episode 4, during which it was established Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) was living at the Doom Manor. The episode introduced Robotman (Brendan Fraser), Negative Man (Matt Bomer), Elasti-Woman (April Bowlby) and Chief - though the latter was played by Bruno Bichir on Titans, he'll be played by Timothy Dalton on Doom Patrol. A spinoff from Titans, Doom Patrol will also introduce DC Comics characters Cyborg (Joivan Wade) and Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero). Now, a new teaser trailer and character posters for Doom Patrol confirm the show's premiere date.

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DC Universe unveiled the first teaser trailer for Doom Patrol, which can be viewed below. The teaser gets into the holiday spirit as members of the team - sans Chief - get together to take a photo, allowing viewers some insight into their thoughts as they pose for the picture. The teaser also confirms Doom Patrol season 1 will debut on DC Universe on Friday, Feb. 15, 2019. Further, a batch of character posters introduce each member of the Doom Patrol team. See the trailer and posters below.

Doom Patrol Poster Robotman
Doom Patrol Poster Negative Man
Doom Patrol Poster Elasti-Woman
Doom Patrol Poster Cyborg
Doom Patrol Poster Crazy Jane

Although the Doom Patrol teaser doesn't seem to reveal any footage from the upcoming show, it does work to further introduce the characters. Additionally, since Cyborg and Crazy Jane didn't appear in the episode of Titans along with the other members of the team, the video also offers fans their first look at how DC Universe's live-action series will bring these fan-favorite characters to life. Of course, fans will have seen Cyborg in live-action before, with Ray Fisher having portrayed Victor Stone in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Still, while Fisher's Cyborg movie remains in development hell for now, DC fans will get a chance to meet Wade's Cyborg in February.

Based on what little we've seen of the Doom Patrol spinoff, it looks to be a somewhat lighter DC TV show from DC Universe. Titans season 1 delved into the darkest aspects of its main characters, as Robin struggled to reconcile his past work with Batman - and the tendency toward violence the Caped Crusader instilled in him - with who he wanted to be. While all members of the Doom Patrol have tragic backstories that bring them to Doom Manor, it appears the show will bring plenty of levity to their adventures. Whether Doom Patrol is as well received as Titans remains to be seen, but we'll undoubtedly learn more once we get closer to the show's early 2019 premiere date.

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The Doom Patrol series premiere debuts Friday, February 15 on DC Universe.

Source: DC Universe

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