DC Universe's Doom Patrol Teaser Trailer Introduces Alan Tudyk’s Mr. Nobody

Alan Tudyk Mr Nobody

The newest teaser trailer for Doom Patrol gives fans their first glimpse of Alan Tudyk’s Mr. Nobody. DC launched their streaming service, DC Universe, back in September. Doom Patrol will be the third original series to air on the platform. The first was a live-action Titans, which was followed by a continuation of the previously canceled Young Justicetitled Young Justice: Outsiders. The Doom Patrol team made their debut on the former, in an episode simply named, “Doom Patrol”.

Tudyk was cast in the role of Mr. Nobody last year, but this is the first footage to reveal the character. Eric Morden, aka Mr. Nobody, dates back to 1964. He was created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani, but was greatly expanded upon when Grant Morrison and Richard Case revamped Doom Patrol during their seminal run, beginning in 1989. After a falling out with the Brotherhood of Evil, Morden allowed himself to be experimented on by a former Nazi scientist. He was left with the ability to drain the sanity from others, the major downside being that this power also drove him completely insane. Morden then formed his own Brotherhood of Dada - named for the early 20th century art movement. The avant-garde movement’s influence is clear in Mr. Nobody’s design: a two-dimensional shadow representation with a heart-shaped empty space in his chest.

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DC Universe released the new teaser for Doom Patrol and along with giving viewers another rundown of the team, the footage also reveals a look at Tudyk as Mr. Nobody. It’s a brief shot, but the actor’s face is far more prominent than that of his comic counterpart, who really doesn’t have much of a face at all.

Doom Patrol has always been one of DC’s strangest superhero teams and this trailer reminds viewers who will be at the center of the live-action adaptation. Brendan Fraser was cast as Cliff Steel, aka Robotman. Diane Guerrero will portray Kay Challis, aka Crazy Jane. Matt Bomer will be under the bandages of Negative Man, born Larry Trainor. Jovian Wade will act as Victor Stone, who fans will recognize as Cyborg, and April Bowlby will play Rita Farr, aka Elasti-Woman. Rounding out this incredible cast will be Timothy Dalton as Dr. Niles Caulder, or The Chief. Danny The Street is also rumored to appear. A previous Doom Patrol teaser revealed that the show will air its first episode on Feb. 15.

Despite its quick season 2 renewal, Titans has received a rather mixed reception from fans. The appearance of Doom Patrol has been cited by many as a high point, which has only increased excitement for the upcoming series. Morrison’s beloved run on the comic was brought to brilliant life by Richard Case, among others, and completely reinvented the team. The book has been canceled and resurrected many times over the years, and although there has been other undeniable talent working on it, the run by Morrison and Case remains the definitive one. Those 44 issues really leaned into the wonderful weirdness of this team. If this teaser is any indication, DC Universe’s Doom Patrol plans to do the same.

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Doom Patrol premieres Friday, Feb. 15 on DC Universe.

Source: DC Universe

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