What To Expect From Doom Patrol Season 2

Doom Patrol Season 2

WARNING: SPOILERS for Doom Patrol's season 1 finale ahead.

Where will Doom Patrol season 2 take DC's weirdest show? The season 1 finale was as weird and wonderful as the episodes leading up to it. Unfortunately, while the latest Doom Patrol episode leaves ample avenues of advancement for the story of the residents of Doom Manor, little has been said about if and when the show will continue.

Based on the classic comic book featuring "The World's Strangest Heroes," Doom Patrol quickly developed a devout following. Seemingly destined to be a cult classic, the first season of the show introduced a quintet of individuals who were forever changed by tragedies that left them blessed and cursed with unusual powers.  The action of Doom Patrol season 1 saw them tested as they tried to rescue their benefactor and savior, Dr. Niles Caulder, from the clutches of the reality-warping Mr. Nobody.

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The penultimate episode of Doom Patrol season 1 saw the team discovering a dark secret about Dr. Caulder that caused them to abandon him, until he begged for their help in saving his daughter, who had been abducted by Mr. Nobody along with their friend Danny the Street. This led to a magnificent kaiju battle that would be an epic conclusion to the series if this show (and its fans) didn't demand a second season to continue its strange story.

Here's everything we know about Doom Patrol season 2.

Doom Patrol Has Not Been Renewed For Season 2 Yet

Doom Patrol has yet to be officially renewed for season 2. This seems strange given that the show has been a hit for DC Universe, earning a 95% Fresh rating with critics and an 83% positive rating with audiences on review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes. One possibility for the delay is that Doom Patrol season 2 is being held back in anticipation of the DC Universe streaming service being rolled into a general Warner Media streaming service sometime in 2020.

When Will Doom Patrol Season 2 Release?

Doom Patrol Team Walkling Away From Camera

Whatever service Doom Patrol season 2 streams on, it may still be some time before it airs. The release schedule for DC Universe's original properties has been radically upended, with the new series Stargirl delayed from an August 2019 premiere to early 2020. It has seemingly traded places with Titans season 2, which is now planned to air sometime in the fall of 2019 after being originally scheduled for early 2020. Presumably the soonest Doom Patrol season 2 might be scheduled to air is in the summer of 2020, after Stargirl season 1 is over. This assumes that the scripts for season 2 are already written and that all of the cast are immediately available for filming, of course.

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Doom Patrol Season 2 Story Details

Doom Patrol Whole Team in Season 1 Finale

Doom Patrol's season 1 finale ends abruptly before we are introduced to Dr. Caulder's daughter, Lucy Spinner. Presumably, Doom Patrol season 2 will focus on the team adjusting to their new dynamic in the wake of Dr. Caulder's treachery being exposed. If Dorothy is anything like her comic book counterpart - a young psychic who had the power to make her imaginary friends into real people - her powers alone could open up a host of story opportunities for season 2.

Another point that will certainly be explored in Doom Patrol season 2 is the final fate of Mr. Nobody and the Beard Hunter. As the finale ends, an image of the two villains is seen on the blank canvas that had been used to contain Danny the Street. Apparently, the two survived the nuclear explosion that reduced Danny to Danny the Brick, but are they still trapped in the painting? Or does the painting show them having escaped to the White Space dimension?

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Nobody became trapped in a painting after his first major battle with the Doom Patrol in the comics. Perhaps season 2 will see Mr. Nobody reenacting the plan of his comic book counterpart after he escaped from his prison - running for President of the United States. This might add a new level of metahumor to the show, given that a summer 2020 release for Doom Patrol season 2 would coincide with the height of the Presidential campaign season.

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