Doom Patrol Season 1's Weird & Wonderful Ending Explained

Doom Patrol Ezekiel Patrol

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Doom Patrol's season 1 finale.

The final episode of Doom Patrol season 1 proved to be as strange as the 14 episodes that preceded it. "Ezekiel Patrol" managed to resolve several of the show's major subplots, while also opening avenues of exploration for the series' second season. It also managed a few shout-outs to the Doom Patrol comics, bringing in characters and storylines that hadn't been touched upon yet.

Doom Patrol's penultimate episode closed with the revelation that Dr. Niles "The Chief" Caulder had been responsible for the various tragedies that had transformed Rita Farr, Larry Trainor, Crazy Jane, Cliff Steele and Victor Stone into super-powered "freaks of nature." The finale opened with an explanation of Dr. Caulder's motivations - he was seeking the secret to immortality and had used them all as test subjects. This information unsurprisingly caused the team to turn their backs on their mentor, though Dr. Caulder did not reveal the precise reason why he was so desperate to find a means of living forever.

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The first half of "Ezekiel Patrol" shows the team as they adapt to their new lives some six months later, while alternating between flashbacks of how Dr. Caulder arranged each of their "accidents." The five heroes return to Caulder's mansion after they all start hearing the same song in the distance, guiding them back to their former home. It is only then that Dr. Caulder reveals that that he sought immortality so that he might be able to care for his long-lived daughter, who had terrifying powers that might destroy the world if she were left unsupervised. The team then reluctantly agreed to help Dr. Caulder in rescuing his daughter, who had just been kidnapped (along with their friend Danny the Street) by Mr. Nobody and trapped inside a painting.

The New Brotherhood

The Brotherhood of Dangerous Animals in Doom Patrol

Strangely, it is Mr. Nobody who seems to suffer the most in the wake of his victory, having no direction for his life after winning his vengeance by exposing Dr. Caulder's misdeeds. He is drinking himself into a stupor in White Space when he is discovered by Ezekiel the Cockroach, who suggests that he might use his powers to destroy the world. Mr. Nobody dismisses this, though their discussion jogs his memory regarding one relationship Dr. Caulder had that he had completely forgotten about in the midst of his efforts to mess with the Doom Patrol. This leads Mr. Nobody to summon Admiral Whiskers, as the three form a villainous trinity to wreak revenge on Dr. Caulder (again) as the Brotherhood of Dangerous Animals.

All of this is a nod to Mr. Nobody's first appearance in the Doom Patrol comics. It was here that Mr. Nobody formed a villainous group known as the Brotherhood of Dada, made up of other villains with equally absurd powers and motivations. The Brotherhood stole a painting that possessed the power to draw anyone who looked upon it inside of it and used it to take the entire city of Paris hostage. This led to their first battle with the Doom Patrol and the Brotherhood of Dada's imprisonment inside what became known as the Painting That Ate Paris.

Dr. Caulder's Daughter Revealed

Doom Patrol Dr. Caulder and Dorothy Spinner

Dr. Caulder's daughter is revealed to be a young girl named Dorothy Spinner, who has some power to alter reality that even Mr. Nobody was powerless against. Fans of the Doom Patrol comics will recognize Dorothy Spinner's name as that of a girl who had the power to bring imaginary beings to life. However, Dorothy Spinner was not Dr. Caulder's daughter in the comics.

It seems likely Dorothy will be revealed as the result of Dr. Caulder's romance with an immortal ape-faced woman, which was revealed in the flashbacks of "Beard Patrol." This explains why we only see the back of Dorothy's head as the episode ends. In the comics, Dorothy had an ape-like face, that was the source of much teasing until she was adopted by the Doom Patrol.

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Danny The Street Is Now A Brick

Doom Patrol Danny The Brick

Another aspect of the episode's ending that is not commented on by the characters is how a brick labeled as having been made by the Danny Brick Company materializes on the lawn of Dr. Caulder's mansion after the team destroyed the dimension inside the painting. This is a nod to a storyline from the 2009 Doom Patrol comic book, where Danny the Street was deconstructed by a group of pan-dimensional gentrifiers to the point that his entire consciousness was forced into a single brick. Presumably this is all of Danny that survived the explosion and they will be returning, in a diminished capacity, in season 2.

The Team Is Together Again. And Smaller!

Doom Patrol Larry Trainor and the Shrunken Team

Thankfully, the entire team survived the nuclear explosion they arranged to destroy the dimension inside the painting, having taken refuge inside the stomach of the kaiju-sized Ezekiel. Unfortunately, they were not reset to their normal size when Ezekiel escaped the painting, though Cyborg's arm canon proved more than capable of carving a way out of the evil bug's stomach. The episode ends with Larry "Negative Man" Trainor carrying everyone back inside Doom Manor so that they can start figuring out a way to get back to normal size.

Mr. Nobody Is Trapped. Or Is He?

Doom Patrol Mr. Nobody and Beard Hunter Trapped In The Painting

The final shot of the episode pans back to show what remains of the painting that was used to trap Danny the Street, revealing that Mr. Nobody and the Beard Hunter (who had apparently reformed but ultimately betrayed Danny to Mr. Nobody) against a plain white background. Are the two villains still trapped inside the painting and swimming in nothingness? Does the painting depict them in their last moments before the explosion killed them? Or does the painting show them in the White Space dimension, having made their escape at the last second?

What To Expect In Season 2

Doom Patrol Team Walkling Away From Camera

At this point, it's unclear if Doom Patrol will see a second season. The finale leaves plenty of room for a continuation of the characters' stories, though the biggest question is if the team can continue to function given the distrust between Dr. Caulder and his patients. The relationship between Dr. Caulder and Dorothy is another potential source of strife for the team, who may stay together for Dorothy's sake and to ensure Dr. Caulder doesn't find some way to mess up her life any further.

The final fate of Mr. Nobody and the Beard Hunter is another area that could set the stage for season 2's story. In the original Doom Patrol comics, Mr. Nobody eventually escaped from his portrait prison, formed a new supervillain team and ran for President of the United States. This could allow the show to take a more satirical tone in season 2, as it would likely coincide with the real world Presidential election in 2020.

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