DC Universe’s Doom Patrol Poster Assembles A WEIRD Superhero Team

Doom Patrol Teaser Trailer Posters

A new poster for Doom Patrol reveals a laughably weird team of superheroes. Along with Titansthe group was announced to be getting their own DC Universe series in the spring of 2018. The principal cast includes Brendan Fraser as RobotmanMatt Bomer as Negative Man, April Bowlby as Elasti-Woman, and Timothy Dalton as the Chief. With the exception of Dalton, the aforementioned cast appeared in the fourth episode of Titans. Joivan Wade and Diane Guerrero were also announced to by playing Cyborg and Crazy Jane, respectively. The whole patrol, seen in a December holiday teaser trailer, are set to make their on-screen debut Feb. 15.

The Doom Patrol that was seen providing an adopted home for Garfield (Beast Boy) in Titans illustrated an odd but inviting family home dynamic. Fraser's Robotman made for a cautious but lovable older brother figure, Bomer's Negative Man added dry, laid back humour, and Bowlby balanced the refinement and shambles of Elasti-Woman. Their run-in with Raven and the Titans indicated that the two teams will likely be allies, but may well have conflicts to resolve in any coming crossover action. Cyborg's inclusion in Doom Patrol has resulted in ongoing speculation as to which version of Victor Stone he'll be closer to: the conservative, soft-spoken athlete seen in Zack Snyder's Justice League, or the "Boo-yeah!"-shouting goof remembered from the Teen Titans animated series.

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A new poster revealing the sixsome further indicates that DC fans can expect a lighthearted interpretation of the characters. DC Universe definitely appears to be portraying them as a chosen family. Check out the poster (via below:

The scene appears to be taking place in the lab, where Raven was experimented on in Titans. Ongoing maintenance for the characters, such as Elasti-Woman's fragile physical form, and Robotman's circuitry may, therefore, be part of the ongoing storylines for Doom Patrol season 1.

The white picket fence aesthetic that looks like a promotion for Fuller House or 7th Heaven hints at the team collaboratively trying to maintain a wholesome family dynamic. However, their respective personal demons will likely impose challenges to act harmoniously. Chief's borderline-threatening treatment of Garfield in Titans characterized a stressed leader who is barely managing to maintain control over a dysfunctional band of dependants. The character is known for his ruthless and manipulative tactics, and Dalton's unignorable charisma will undoubtedly add to the show's intrigue. Starting in 2014, he played another morally questionable team leader, Sir. Malcolm, in Showtime's Penny Dreadful.

With Doom Patrol just over a week away from release, DC fans everywhere can't wait for their next Friday night fix and unpredictable adaptation of a classic story.

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Doom Patrol premieres Friday, February 15th on DC Universe.


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