Doom Patrol: 7 Biggest Questions After Episode 2, "Donkey Patrol"

Doom Patrol Donkey Patrol

"Donkey Patrol," the second episode of Doom Patrol, somehow manages to top the first episode when it comes to sheer over-the-top lunacy. It does this with a modest amount of mayhem involving various oddball animals and a liberal does of fourth-wall breaking on the part of the series' antagonist/narrator, Mr. Nobody. From the moment he defines the audience as "Grant Morrison fans, Reddit trolls with DC Universe subscriptions and the three new fans who stuck around after the donkey fart," it is clearer than ever that this isn't your standard superhero show.

Picking up where the pilot episode ended, "Donkey Patrol" sees the town of Cloverton, Ohio devoured by a vast spiritual sinkhole, along with Crazy Jane and Dr. Niles Caulder. The three surviving members of Doom Patrol are left to deal with the disaster as best they can. In the case of Cliff "Robotman" Steele, this means chasing after an apparently magical donkey. In the case of Rita "Elasti-Woman" Farr, this means going home and just assuming someone else will deal with things instead of her. And in the case of Larry "Negative Man" Trainor, it means hopping on the first bus out of town and trying to get as far away from the weirdness as possible.

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Thankfully, the incident gets the attention of Victor "Cyborg" Stone - an honest-to-goodness superhero and friend of Dr. Caulder. Desperate for an escape from his controlling father and fondly remembering Dr. Caulder showing more of an interest in his life outside of his superpowers than his dad ever did, Vic makes his way to where Cloverton once was to get to the bottom of things. Unfortunately, though this isn't his first rodeo, this is all still way above Cyborg's pay-grade and things only get weirder after the donkey vomits up Crazy Jane. Here are all the questions that fans are asking in the wake of "Donkey Patrol."

7. What Are Mr. Nobody's Powers?

Doom Patrol Mr. Nobody

After two episodes, it is still unclear just what Mr. Nobody's powers are and what limits he has, if any. The Chief says that Mr. Nobody believes he can "control the story" which fits with his apparent ability to manipulate reality around him and the control he exhibits over Negative Man, Elasti-Woman and Cyborg when they enter into his dimension. He also seems to have some degree of omniscience, knowing all the details of the heroes' histories and their secrets, which befits his role as the show's narrator. Yet as Cyborg points out, if Mr. Nobody was completely all-powerful, he wouldn't bother trying to trap the team or warn them away from searching for the kidnapped Chief. And there are clearly limits to Mr. Nobody's ability to know things because the Chief was able to successfully evade Mr. Nobody until the events of his patients' day out showed up on the news in the pilot episode.

6. Who Is The Talking Cockroach?

Doom Patrol Ezekiel The Cockroach

As Cloverton, Ohio is sucked into the portal that Mr. Nobody opened in the opening scene of "Donkey Patrol," we are treated to an even stranger sight than a sinkhole in reality sucking up everything it can. A talking cockroach stands up on a trash can, screaming like a street preacher as all Hell breaks loose. The cockroach shouts to his god and asks to "be seated by your most holy side" before he too is seemingly drawn into oblivion. We later see his portrait among the gallery of Cloverton's citizens when Negative Man, Cyborg and Elasti-Woman enter into the other dimension.

While the character of Ezekiel the Cockroach certainly seems strange enough to have come from a Grant Morrison comic, he's a wholly original creation of Doom Patrol's showrunner Jeremy Carver, who was also a producer on Supernatural and Being HumanIn an interview with Collider, Carver revealed that he had tried working the idea of a doomsday prophet cockroach into other shows he had written in the past but always been shut down by the other producers. One wonders, in retrospect, how the Winchester brothers might have reacted to an insectoid evangelical prophet, but that's all water under the bridge now unless there's a Doom Patrol/Supermatural crossover in the future.

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5. What's The Deal With The Donkey?

Another animal raising questions among Doom Patrol's viewers is the little white donkey that seems to serve as a herald of Mr. Nobody. We first saw the jackass in question in the opening scenes of the pilot, when Mr. Morden was guided to the Nazi who transformed him into Mr. Nobody. The first episode ended with the flatulent beast releasing a cloud of green gas which spelled out the words "The mind is the limit" just before Mr. Nobody "opened his big, fat hole" and started devouring Cloverton.

The second episode opens with Mr. Nobody describing how he "manifested his desire for chaos" through the donkey. Later, Cyborg discovers that the donkey's throat is the entryway into Mr. Nobody's dimension. Clearly, the donkey is tied to Mr. Nobody somehow, though it is unclear if it is his only physical conduit into the world or just how Mr.  Nobody chooses to manifest his physical essence.

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