Doom Patrol: 5 Biggest Questions After Episode 1

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3. Where Has Crazy Jane Been For The Past 24 Years?

Crazy Jane first arrives at Dr. Caulder's house about half-way through the first episode, loudly revealing her presence by shouting, "Daddy, I'm home!" Upon hearing her, Rita Farr makes a disparaging remark about how Crazy Jane "comes and goes as she pleases, like she owns the place." This makes little sense given the timeline of events in the montage immediately preceding Crazy Jane's arrival.

We first see Dr. Caulder's house through Cliff Steele's eyes as he wakes up in his new robot body in the year 1995. Cliff then spends the next 24 years living in Dr. Caulder's house, building an increasingly intricate slot-car track, with an impressive model city and forest around it. Cliff does not meet Crazy Jane for the first time until her homecoming. which occurs in 2019.

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Ignoring how odd it is that Rita complains about someone who hasn't been home in over two decades "coming and going" this does raise some concerns over where exactly Crazy Jane has been all this time. For that matter, why doesn't Dr. Caulder seem at all concerned about a clearly unstable woman with phenomenal powers being at liberty? Presumably this will be addressed as we learn more about Crazy Jane's history.

2. Where Does Titans Fit Into Doom Patrol's Timeline?

DC's Titans and Doom Patrol

Last year, the Doom Patrol grabbed the attention of DC Universe's audience when they first appeared in the Titans episode "Doom Patrol." Boasting a script by legendary comic writer Geoff Johns, the episode was a welcome, humorous palette cleanser after the grim tone of the first three Titans episodes. Many critics singled-out the series' introduction of Robotman, Elasti-Woman and Negative Man as the series' high-point.

Strangely enough, after all the attention that was paid to Titans' introduction of Doom Patrol's cast, there's no reference to it in the first episode. Beast Boy is not seen or mentioned, despite having apparently spent two years living in Caulder Manor along with Cliff, Rita and Larry after being discovered by Dr. Caulder in Africa. There's nothing that says that the events of the Titans episode couldn't have happened sometime in 2018 before Crazy Jane returned home, but it still seems that something could have been done to better tie the two series together after the original link.

1. What Are Mr. Nobody's Powers?

Doom Patrol Alan Tudyk Mr. Nobody

The opening scene of the episode introduces us to Mr. Morden - "a nobody" who becomes something else after paying a king's ransom to a Nazi mad scientist in Paraguay. We learn nothing else of Mr. Morden beyond the story of his empowerment. It is clear from the episode's finale where "Mr. Nobody" confronts Dr. Caulder, however, that he has something of a history with The Chief and it is not a pleasant one.

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It's not clear just what Mr. Nobody's powers are. In the original Doom Patrol comics, he had the powers to drain the sanity from those around him and to mysteriously attract lost objects - those missing things that now belonged to nobody. The grand display at the end of the episode and the fact that Mr. Nobody seems to be aware that he's part of a television series suggest that he is something else entirely - perhaps a reality warper or a lucid dreamer who can change the world around him since he sees it as a dream? Another frighteningly meta possibility is that his power is draining the sanity of the people around him, but that being on television gives him the power to mess with the minds of the viewers.

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