Doom Patrol References DCEU Wonder Woman - What's Going On With Canon?

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The latest episode of Doom Patrol seems to feature a nod to Wonder Woman, with Diana's Godkiller sword from the movie prominently displayed in the background of one scene. While it has been well-established at this point that the shows on DC Universe are set in a different reality than that of the DCEU, it is still a substantial reference to Gal Gadot's portrayal of the character and a suggestion that this world's Wonder Woman might not be so different from the one on the big screen.

Both Titans and Doom Patrol have done a fair bit to establish a larger reality beyond the scope of their respective shows. Titans confirmed the existence of Superman in their reality early on, by virtue of Dove wearing a t-shirt with Superman's distinctive logo. Later episodes of Titans confirmed the existence of Wonder Woman and a Justice League. Doom Patrol continued the trend, with various remarks confirming that Batman's existence was known to the public and that The Flash and Aquaman also existed in the DC Universe reality.

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Episode 6 of Doom Patrol, "Doom Patrol Patrol," sees the residents of Doom Manor continuing the search for the missing Dr. Niles Caulder. Crazy Jane, Elasti-Woman and Negative Man teleport (through the courtesy of Crazy Jane's persona, Flit) to a mansion featured in a photo of a superhero team from the 1950s, who were known as the Doom Patrol. They are surprised to find the mansion is now a school for young metahumans who have aspirations of becoming superheroes. The former Doom Patrol are now teachers there, including Steve "Mento" Dayton - a telepath with whom Elasti-Woman shared a brief romance in the late 1950s.

Doom Patrol Steve Dayton Menton and Rita Farr Elasti-Woman With Wonder Woman Godkiller Sword In Background

Confronted by her former lover, Elasti-Woman is persuaded that one quick drink couldn't hurt. Mento leads her into a secure storage room he says is used to hold many dangerous objects from the Doom Patrol's previous adventures and hide the teacher's liquor from the students. It is here, as the two catch-up, that a familiar looking sword of Amazonian design - likely the same prop from the Wonder Woman movie - can be seen on a display rack in the background.

Later in the episode, a distinctive bronze shield baring an eagle insignia can be seen on a different rack. While not the same as Wonder Woman's shield in the movie, the shield does look like some of those that Diana has used in the comics. This may just be a coincidence, however, as Wonder Woman does not have a monopoly on shields with eagle designs and there are many weapons and shields on display in the storage room.

Despite this, it still seems likely that the placement of Wonder Woman's most famous weapon from the movies in the Doom Patrol's trophy room is an intentional Easter Egg rather than a coincidence. While there is far more recycling of props between movies and TV shows than many would think, the sword seems too well-centered and too prominently displayed in the preview picture above to not be meant to catch the eye. And it's certainly not hard to believe, given what we know of Dr. Caulder's adventures, that he might have the sword and shield of an Amazon in storage somewhere.

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