Doom Patrol Cast, Character & Comic Comparison Guide

Diane Guerrero is Crazy Jane

Jane has 64 personalities, each of which has its own superpower. This has led to her being called Crazy Jane by some people, which the rest of her personalities don't appreciate to varying degrees of violent disapproval. Jane's other personalities include the confrontational Hammerhead, the sweet and innocent Baby Doll and the artistic Hangman's Beautiful Daughter.

Introduced during Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol, Jane is accurately adapted from the source material. Reference is even made to the Underground - a vast psychic subway grid which connects Jane's various personas. Each of Jane's other selves have a station on the Underground, where they reside when they are not in charge of Jane's body.

Jane's role demands an actress of versatile talents and Diane Guerrero fits that bill. First finding fame as Maritza Ramos in Orange is the New Black, she has gone on to play Lina in Jane The Virgin and Sofia in Superior Donuts. She will also be providing the voice for Green Lantern Jessica Cruz in the upcoming Justice League vs. The Fatal Five animated movie.

Joivan Wade is Victor Stone / Cyborg

Victor Stone was a star athlete and an honor student with a bright future ahead of him until an accident in the lab of his scientist parents left him severely injured and his mother dead. His father, Dr. Silas Stone, was able to save Victor's life with the use of some revolutionary cybernetic implants of his own design. Now, Victor uses his enhanced body to protect his neighborhood as Detroit's hometown hero, Cyborg.

The background of Doom Patrol's take on Cyborg is taken from the character's original origins in the New Teen Titans comics, rather than the more recent revamp seen in the New 52 Justice League series or the Justice League movie. This version of Victor Stone draws his powers entirely from Earthling technology rather than a bond with a New Gods' Motherbox. This version of Cyborg is also more strongly motivated to be a hero because of his mother's death than any other screen adaptation of Victor Stone.

Jovian Wade is a familiar face to British audiences, having appeared in the youth series Big School and Youngers. He first found international fame playing street artist Rigsy in the Doctor Who episodes "Flatline" and "Face The Raven." He is perhaps best known for his role as Jordan Johnson on EastEnders and for playing the role of Isaiah in The First Purge.

Alan Tudyk Mr Nobody

Alan Tudyk is Eric Morden / Mr. Nobody

A self-described "third-rate bad-guy" and "nameless henchman", Eric Morden was changed into something else and driven insane after paying a king's ransom to a Nazi mad scientist to be given superpowers. Believing he has the power to "control the story", Mr. Nobody (as Morden calls himself now) is fully aware that he is in a television show and serves as both the series' narrator and the Doom Patrol's chief villain.

Mr. Nobody's background is taken directly from the comics, where Eric Morden was a wannabe super-villain in the first volume of Doom Patrol who failed his audition into the Brotherhood of Evil before being changed into Mr. Nobody. The only real difference is that instead of altering reality, the comic book version of Mr. Nobody has the power to drain the sanity from other people. Of course, there's a chance that his story-control powers are just the result of him making the people around him (and, presumably, the audience) think he's changing the world to drive them crazy.

If you're any kind of science-fiction or animation fan, you probably recognize Alan Tudyk, who is one of the most prolific character actors and voice actors working today. Apart from his work in various Disney and Pixar feature films, he is beloved by Browncoats for playing Wash in Firefly, provided the voice of K-2SO in Star Wars: Rogue One and played the role of Green Arrow in both the Injustice video games and Young Justice.

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