Doom Patrol Cast, Character & Comic Comparison Guide

April Bowlby is Rita Farr / Elasti-Woman

Rita Farr was a movie star back when movies were still called pictures. Described alternatively as "The Queen of Fifties Cinema", "the poor man's Deborah Kerr" and "the rich man's Yvette Vickers," her career came to a sudden end when she fell through a dock into an African lake and came into contact with some strange liquid. This transformed her into an amorphous blob like something out of one of the B-movies she once starred in. Though she can "keep her face on" briefly, she largely shuns the outside world in favor of hiding inside Caulder Manor and remembering better days.

In the original comics, Rita Farr was not horribly disfigured like the rest of the Doom Patrol. She did, however, have a complete inability to control her size-changing powers, which made her continuing to work as an actress impossible and drove her to become a recluse. The idea of Rita being a protoplasmic blob in her natural form came from the 2009 Doom Patrol comic series, which revealed the seemingly reborn Elasti-Woman was the result of Dr. Caulder implanting Rita's memories into a new body free of "weaknesses" like bones or internal organs.

April Bowlby plays Rita Farr with the perfect mix of classic charm and haughtiness that the role demands. A gifted comedic actor, Bowlby may be recognized from her reoccurring roles as Kandi on Two and a Half Men, Crazy Meg on How I Met Your Mother, or Stacy Barrett on Drop Dead Diva.

Matt Bomer is Larry Trainor / Negative Man

In 1961, Larry Trainor was a USAF test pilot and on the short-list of candidates for Project Mercury. He had a wife and two sons at home and was having an affair with one of his male ground crew. All of that went by the wayside when Larry flew a jet through a radioactive cloud on the upper edge of the atmosphere. This left Larry with a body that emitted a lethal dose of radiation that was host to a "negative spirit" of pure energy, whose interactions with the physical world are explosive to say the least. Considered dead to the world at large, Larry is another permanent resident of Caulder Manor as the series opens.

Larry's background has been changed substantially from the original comics, where he never had a wife or children and was presumed to be heterosexual. The appearance of the negative spirit has also changed, appearing to be made of some kind of energy rather than the living shadow depicted in the comics. The biggest change, however, is the show's version of Larry Trainor doesn't have complete control over the actions of the negative spirit. He also doesn't seem to have the sixty-second time-limit from the classic Doom Patrol comics, which limited how long the negative spirit could leave his body.

Matt Bomer plays Larry Trainor in the flashbacks of his life before his accident and provides the voice of Negative Man in the modern-day scenes. A beloved actor on stage, screen and television, Bomer is well known for his roles in American Horror Story, The Last Tycoon, and the Magic Mike movies. This is not Bomer's first time in a DC Comics production, having provided the voice for Superman in the animated movie Superman: Unbound.

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