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Doom Patrol, the DC Universe streaming service's newest live-action show, boasts an impressive ensemble cast. Hopes are high for the new series, which has been highly anticipated ever since the team and most of its cast were introduced in the fourth episode of the Titans series. This episode was also titled "Doom Patrol" and featured a script by legendary comic writer Geoff Johns, who is also a producer on Doom Patrol.

First appearing in My Greatest Adventure #80, the Doom Patrol were promoted as the "World's Strangest Heroes." Led by the mysterious figure they knew only as the Chief, the Doom Patrol was made up of a trio of super-powered beings whose gifts were more of a curse than a blessing. Despite this, they tried to use their abilities to help protect a world that hated and feared them, ultimately sacrificing their lives to save the world. The Doom Patrol name would live on, however, and become increasingly surreal in later incarnations, fighting unspeakable evils such as a painting that ate cities and the organization known as the Men From N.O.W.H.E.R.E. which sought to destroy all things abnormal.

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The cast of Doom Patrol is as diverse and eclectic as the team in the comics. The one thing uniting all of the actors in the ensemble is that they are all gifted comedic performers. Given the absurdist tone of the source material, the ability to sell the drama of a situation no matter how silly it seems is a must and based on the first episode the cast will be more than capable of convincing audiences to keep watching.

Brendan Fraser is Cliff Steele / Robotman

Cliff Steele was racing royalty back in 1988. He seemingly had it all - money, fame, and family. A horrific car crash destroyed his body, but his brain was salvaged and placed into a robotic shell. Now Cliff is super-strong and virtually indestructible, but he'd give it all up to enjoy a good meal, smell some flowers or feel the wind in his face, as his new body has no sense of smell, taste or touch.

Robotman is the character most synonymous with the Doom Patrol, being the only hero who has been a member of every incarnation of the team. His origin story and powers are taken directly from the original comics. The only significant change is that Cliff Steele never had a wife or daughter in the comics, where the only family he was shown to have was a brother and sister-in-law.

Best remembered for his role as Rick O'Connell in The Mummy Trilogy, Brendan Fraser stepped away from acting for a few years before returning more recently in the drama series Condor and TrustFraser plays Cliff Steele in the flashback scenes set before his accident and provides the voice of Robotman in the modern-day scenes.

Timothy Dalton is Dr. Niles Caulder / The Chief

A brilliant engineer and medical doctor, Dr. Niles Caulder dedicated his life to treating unusual cases other doctors declared incurable. Independently wealthy from the money made on various patents, Dr. Caulder opened his manor house to patients who can't - or prefer not to - reintegrate themselves into society. Though he plays at being an altruistic humanitarian, Dr. Caulder is not above lying to his patients when he feels the truth is not in their best interests.

Dr. Caulder underwent a dramatic transformation over the span of the Doom Patrol's history. Originally presented as a compassionate if somewhat stuffy and overly-intellectual figure, later stories revealed him as a villain who was responsible for staging the accidents that injured many of his patients. It remains to be seen if this revelation will be played out in the series.

Despite being most famous for playing James Bond, Timothy Dalton built his career on playing charming villains and heroic but sinister figures. This makes him an ideal casting choice to play the ambiguous Dr. Caulder. He is still fondly remembered for his roles as Prince Barin in Flash Gordon, actor turned Nazi spy Neville Sinclair in The Rocketeer and Lord Rassilon in "The End of Time" episode of Doctor Who.

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