Doom Patrol: Every One of Crazy Jane's 64 Personalities We've Seen So Far

Doom Patrol All of Crazy Jane's 64 Personalities

How many of Crazy Jane's personalities from the original comics have made their way into the Doom Patrol show? It's a tricky question to consider, as so few of Jane's personas have been identified by name. There are also very few visual clues to define Jane's many faces, though some do restyle their hair and makeup or have other identifying characteristics.

First appearing in Doom Patrol #19 in 1989, Crazy Jane was originally a woman named Kay Challis. Sexually abused by her father when she was five, Kay withdrew and developed a new personality named Miranda. The memories of her troubled childhood returned after Miranda was attacked in a church on Easter Sunday, destroying her new personality and fracturing her psyche into 64 distinct personalities. She was committed shortly thereafter and held in a psychiatric hospital for several years, until all of her personalities (except the dominant one, Jane Morris) gained superpowers after the Invasion! crossover event.

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Diane Guerrero's portrayal of Jane and her other selves so far has been true to the spirit of the original Doom Patrol comics. Unfortunately, those comics did little to quantify Jane's 64 personalities and their powers beyond naming them. The show has also done little to define Jane's personas beyond showing Dr. Niles Caulder's map of Jane's mind.

Despite these difficulties, we will attempt to chronicle the many faces of Crazy Jane as the first season of Doom Patrol unfolds. Unfurling the many entries on the map of The Underground, we will break down which of Jane's personas we see explicitly introduced in each episode. In some cases, educated guesses will be made as to the identities of other characters we think might have appeared.

Every One of Crazy Jane's Personalities We've Seen So Far

Doom Patrol Crazy Jane Jigsaw Puizzle from Opening Credits

Jane enters the action about halfway through the pilot episode. Unlike the rest of the Doom Patrol, we are given no insight into her background and no lengthy flashback sequence showing her life before she gained her powers. Mr. Nobody does describe several of Jane's personalities as she first meets Robotman and it is her actions that trigger the action of the episode once the rest of the cast is introduced. We learn more about Jane's personalities and The Underground that holds them in the second episode "Donkey Patrol."

  • Crazy Jane - Jane's dominant personality, which has no powers other than being sane and reasonable compared to most of the other people who share her head. In the comics, she had no powers. Her name was inspired by a series of poems by Yeats.
  • Sylvia -  Described by Mr. Nobody as having a spooky voice and a moody personality. In the comics, she was locked in a small room in The Underground and created to hold Jane's feelings of claustrophobia. She recited poem fragments in the belief that she could use them to make a key to escape from the room. Possibly named in honor of the poet Sylvia Plath.
  • Hammerhead - One of Jane's more confrontational personalities. Tries to pick a fight with Robotman upon first meeting him and the police when she and Robotman go out to Cloverton. It is unclear what her power is, though given that she was able to punch Robotman without breaking her hand in "Donkey Patrol", it may be some form of invulnerability and/or super-strength. Jane grows a distinctive tattoo of a winged skull on her chest when Hammerhead takes over her body.
  • The Hangman's Daughter - A quiet woman who enjoys painting. In the comics, she has the power to psychically interact with her paintings. Her full name is the Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, which is taken from an album title by The Incredible String Band.
  • Sun Daddy - A giant figure with a sun for a head, who has the power to throw fireballs. While not identified by name, this character (easily identified from the comics) briefly takes over when Elasti-Woman loses control of her body and her blob form rampages down the main street of Cloverton in the pilot.
  • Baby Doll - An innocent, child-like personality that believes everything is wonderful. Her powers are unknown. She is a big fan of Cyborg and is scared of Robotman.
  • Scarlet Harlot - In the comics, a nymphomaniac with the power to create ectoplasmic projections and absorb psycho-sexual energy. While not identified by name and not manifesting any powers, this seems to correspond with Jane's personality who says "Please touch me." after another personality tells Robotman not to touch her while she's having a seizure.
  • Flit - Robotman watches one video of Dr. Caulder interviewing Jane, where she keeps teleporting around the room. This seems to be Flit - a persona of Jane's from the comics who has the power of teleportation and is capable of traveling to other dimensions.

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  • The Wall-Crawler - One of the videos of Dr. Caulder's interviews with Jane show her sticking to the ceiling and refusing to come down and talk. This unnamed personality does not correspond to any personality Jane exhibited in the comics.
  • Flaming Katy - Only described as "Katy" in one of the interview tapes between Jane and Dr. Caulder, this personality is said to have first shown up when Jane wanted to try on some new clothes and Katy shoplifted against her wishes. In the comics, Katy is a pyrokinetic. On the show, Katy emerges as a woman made of living fire. She doesn't like being interrogated and is one of Jane's more anti-social personalities.
  • Lucy Fugue - In the comics, she is a woman with radioactive bones and see-through skin, who has the power to generate harmonic vibrations. In the show, she has electrical powers and is able to shock Cyborg into unconsciousness.
  • Silver Tongue? - Listed on The Underground map next to Hammerhead, this persona is believed to be unique to the Doom Patrol television series. It seems likely this is the persona who attacks Robotman by speaking words which manifest in silver writing that becomes solid. The words can also be reshaped into objects, like a sword. When Jane is in this persona, she has silver make-up decorating her lips and chin and her hair is sorted into several small braids.

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