Doom Patrol: 10 Memes That Will Crack Fans Up

With the popularity of DC Universe's Doom Patrol, here are the ten best memes ready for hard-loyal fans that will find these hilarious.

When Doom Patrol became one of the original shows to come to DC Universe, it’s understandable that many general viewers were uncertain what this was going to be. Based on the team that is a bit more obscure in the comics, Doom Patrol hadn’t really been explored properly outside of comics. Aside from a few media appearances here and there, this was a property that wasn’t catching many eyes. Following their appearance on Titans, it didn’t take long before it went from obscure to becoming one of the biggest DC TV shows of all time. With the star-powered cast and the well-received storylines, this became a hit within its first season for its weird and fun adventures.

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Fans had to wait quite a while to find out if the series was even coming back for a second season. Thankfully, DC Universe granted everyone’s wish as season two is set to hit in 2020 both on DC Universe and the upcoming HBO Max streaming service. Production has already kicked off for the new season as fans eagerly wait. As the show has garnered a massive fandom, so many fan-art and memes have made it to the internet. With that said, these are ten Doom Patrol memes that loyal fans will find hilarious.

10 DC TV Faces the Stress

It was a bittersweet year for the DC TV fandom this year. While shows like Titans and Doom Patrol both got renewed, some sadly didn’t face the same reality. Even before it had aired its second episode, Swamp Thing was canceled after its pilot, leaving the remaining episodes to air as part of a first and only season.

SYFY didn’t make things better when they decided to end Krypton after it finished its second season back in the summer. That’s why this meme captures the real and somewhat hilarious reaction that Titans and Doom Patrol must have had when seeing the cancelations.

9 Join the Patrol

Given the characters we get to follow on the show, it’s definitely easy to pitch them in very basic ways. But it’s all in good fun as these are fantastic characters. If you had to pitch someone to join the Patrol in some capacity, this meme is pretty much one way to do it.

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Ignore any stories, the dialogue you may hear and just look at what is in front of you when you see the Doom Patrol. This meme nails it from the get-go and is hilarious for its accuracy.

8 Arrowverse vs Titansverse

While there isn’t a Titansverse per say, Doom Patrol did start out as a spin-off from Titans after all. This marks as the second shared TV universe as The CW has its Arrowverse. With the shows on The CW and the ones on DC Universe being produced and executed in different ways, it was only a matter of time before fans of the respective franchises clashed.

But when DC Universe began rolling out its programming, it’s fair to say that probably a lot of viewers following the Arrowverse, did become like this meme in some way. With DC Universe being a new platform for new shows, it obviously will distract fans from what is already going on with the series on The CW.

7 Say the Two Words

Cliff Steele a.k.a. Robotman (Brendan Fraser) was one of the characters that quickly got a massive fan-following. With the complicated former race car driver now having his mind inside a robot, life sure isn’t easy for him anymore. One of the character’s traits that have become iconic is his constant cursing.

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It’s so constant that it has become too funny whenever he now opens his mouth. If one of his sentences doesn’t include at least one f-bomb, then that is a big deal. This meme hits it in a nutshell how fans pretty much always want to hear Robotman curse for a minute or two.

6 Cliff’s Ignorance

But one of the people he has connected with is Crazy Jane (Diane Guerero) and her many personalities. Their relationship can be best described as father and daughter. However, Cliff may want to start taking into consideration that all of her personalities are, in one way or another, also Jane to some degree.

That’s why this meme reaction is perfect for whenever Cliff is trying to get to his Jane. It’s definitely a complicated character that Cliff has to engage with, but the meme still makes a valid point.

5 Doom Patrol before Its Explosion

As mentioned previously, when Doom Patrol was revealed to be getting their own show, it was definitely a big question mark for many fans. Since Titans hadn’t even premiered yet, it was a mystery to see DC Universe already wanting to develop another team show.

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It wasn’t that people didn’t believe in its potential, but for many non-comic fans, Doom Patrol was new to them. This meme is pretty much everyone before the show premiered and before they fell in love with this lovable and weird series.

4 Love You Just the Way You Are

Another important member of the team is Larry Trainor a.k.a. Negative Man (Matt Bomer.) In the show, Larry is, in many ways, the one that brings a bit more angst, but in a good way.

The first season was quite the character journey for him as he went on a literal soul search for himself. He is pretty much the guy in the group that doesn’t always have the best self-confidence. Like this meme, characters around him had to remind him that he is amazing just the way he is.

3 TV Universes Playing Nicely

The Arrowverse and the DC Universe shows have their respective ups and downs, to say the least. But that still doesn’t stop fans of the two franchises to clash online about which one is better than the other.

This meme is a perfect example of fans simply trying to not get on each other’s bad sides. It’s definitely a challenge. But rather than argue which is better, celebrate the fact that we have all of these shows!

2 DC Universe Subscribers on Fridays

One of the best characters from the show is fourth-wall-breaking baddie Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk) who became not only a breakout villain but player as a whole. Any time he would be on screen, the writers really nailed him addressing thoughts and feelings of viewers watching.

It became too hilarious you almost started relating more with the foe than the heroes. This moment alone is reminiscent of what DC Universe subscribers must be like by Thursday night before a new episode drops.

1 Diggle Speaking Doom Patrol’s Truth

Prior to Doom Patrol premiering, there were certainly articles out there questioning the show’s potential to last. It’s fair that comments such as “DC Universe’s Doom Patrol may not be weird enough to stand out” can be bothersome.

But in the end, Doom Patrol got to have the last laugh after proving its worth and this meme sums up how to feel about any critical comments prior to launching your new show.

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