Doom Movie Director Confirms Spiderdemon Won't Appear

Doom director Tony Giglio has confirmed the iconic Spiderdemon creature won’t appear in the new movie. Doom is a title that needs no introduction to gamers, and while first-person shooters existed before it, Doom was the game that revolutionized the genre. The simple setup of the game found a lone marine on Mars having to fight his way through a wave of demons using shotguns, plasma rifles, chainsaws and even his fists.

Doom’s fast, frantic gameplay mixed with its fantastic enemy and level design made it an instant hit, and it spawned a long-running series that continues to this day. The game was loosely adapted in 2005 with Doom, starring Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban. The film had some fun action scenes and a cheesy b-movie atmosphere, but a slow first hour and a bad script turned fans against it; Johnson himself has since slammed the project. The movie also made the somewhat baffling decision to ditch the Hell angle, and instead focus on genetic experiments gone wrong.

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Doom is getting a new movie reboot due to arrive in 2019, starring Amy Manson and directed by Tony Giglio. The movie seems to be heading direct to DVD, and while little is known about the storyline, it has been confirmed Hell will figure into the plot. In a new comment on his Twitter account, director Giglio has also confirmed that despite wanting to include the famous Spiderdemon monster, it sadly had to be cut.

The Spiderdemon is one of the most popular monsters in Doom and served as the final boss in both the original and the 2016 game remake. It’s a shame the creature won’t make the leap to the movie, which is likely down to budget. Giglio has also mentioned a heavy focus on practical effects in the new movie, with CGI only being used to enhance one monster. Set photos have also shown the movie won’t be holding back on gore.

Some fans are disappointed the new Doom will be a straight to video effort, but it appears the filmmakers behind it are trying to stay true to the spirit of the series. The movie is also coming at a good time for the franchise, following the acclaimed 2016 reboot and the much-anticipated sequel Doom Eternal, which sees Doomguy trying to save Earth from a demon invasion.

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Source: Tony Giglio

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