Doom Movie Reboot Set Photos: There Will Definitely Be Blood

Set photos from the forthcoming movie reboot of Doom show the film won't be holding back on gore. Doom is the iconic game franchise that made first person shooters one of the most dominant genres in gaming. The story of the series follows a marine - dubbed Doomguy - trapped on a Mars base and having to shoot, punch and chainsaw his way through a horde of vicious demons.

The fast-paced gameplay and bloody carnage of the original game made it an instant classic, and the series is still going strong today. A big budget movie starring Dwayne Johnson was released back in 2005, and while the film has grown a cult fanbase in recent years, it received poor reviews and failed to make back its budget. News recently emerged that Universal was putting together a straight to DVD reboot of the franchise, with Amy Manson (Once Upon A Time) taking on the lead role.

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Tony Giglio (S.W.A.T.: Under Siege) is taking on directing duties, and the film recently wrapped production in Bulgaria. Any Doom fans worried the film may tone down the goriness of the source material needn't worry, as the director recently took to his Twitter account to post set photos that show the film won't be shy on that front.

Doom star Amy Manson also took to her Instagram to show off the look of her character in the film.


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Some fans have been disappointed with the news the new Doom will be a straight to video release, but there have been lots of solid action and horror movies that have bypassed theaters in recent years, so it's important to keep an open mind about the project. Given the success of the 2016 Doom game Universal likely saw there was still an active fanbase for the franchise, but after the financial disappointment of the last movie, wanted to play it safe with a lower budget reboot.

Dwayne Johnson recently made fun of his version of Doom while promoting his second video game adaptation Rampage, dubbing it a 'stinker.' Doom's official Twitter account launched a tongue in cheek reply to his shade. Doom 2005 was controversial among fans for dropping the Hell angle of the games and making the monsters the result of an experiment. The new movie will be a total reboot, however, so hopefully, that angle has been restored.

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Doom doesn't have a release date yet, but we'll keep you updated as more information arrives.

Source: Tony Giglio, Amy Manson

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