Doom Reboot Director Debunks Rumor Doomguy Isn't In Movie

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Doom director Tony Giglio has denied reports Doomguy won't make an appearance in the new movie. Doom is one of the most prominent video game franchises in history, with the original 1993 game being responsible for making first-person shooters one of the most dominant gaming genres on the planet. The games are relatively light on plot, but typically feature an unnamed hero – dubbed Doomguy – who must rip and tear his way through hordes of demons on a Mars base.

In 2005, Dwayne Johnson starred in his own Doom movie, though it wasn't the success people were hoping it would be. The story removed all references to Hell or demons and revolved around a genetic experiment gone wrong. The movie featured a fun, extended first-person action scene and had some icky gore, but a bad script and a surprisingly dull first hour dragged it down. The movie failed to recoup its budget, but has earned something of a cult fan base in recent years, but Johnson himself wasn't a fan of the final product.

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News of another Doom movie first appeared in April 2018, with actress Nina Bergman confirming she had signed on for it. It was soon revealed the movie would be a straight to DVD reboot, and that actress Amy Manson (Once Upon A Time) would be the lead. Some fans were disappointed to hear Doomguy likely wouldn't appear, but director Tony Giglio recently told a fan on Twitter that those rumors are false.

The new Doom doesn't have a release date yet, but Giglio told another fan on Twitter to expect it to land sometime in 2019. Giglio has also confirmed the movie will feature demons and references to Hell, and that there will most definitely be blood in the new Doom. Outside of some set photos and casting information, there is very little known about the actual story of the reboot, although it seems to feature some characters from video game Doom 3. No photos or casting information have been revealed for Doomguy just yet, so it's difficult to speculate on how he'll fit into the story at this point. That said, fans should be happy to hear he'll be part of the new movie.

The straight to DVD remake is likely a response to the renewed success of the game series, which was gloriously relaunched with 2016's Doom. A sequel to that title was just announced at E3 2018, which will take Doomguy back to Earth to fight more hordes of demons.

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