Doom Eternal Shows Hell On Earth

Those gamers looking for another Doom game were in for a treat at Bethesda's E3 2018 press conference, after the publisher unveiled Doom Eternal. It's the latest game in the long line of the Doom series, and has big shoes to fill when compared to those games that have preceded it.

However, the 2016 revival of Doom proved to be a masterstroke, managing to match the intensity seen by the earlier games in the series while maintaining an extremely tight level of shooter play that made the player feel like an extremely powerful demon hunter. Because of this, a sequel to this title was a much-wanted announcement at E3, and as such did not come as much of a surprise.

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Nonetheless, even a brief glimpse of what this sequel could be is enough to get the heart racing, and Doom Eternal certainly does that. Although the trailer doesn't give away much, it does reveal a world ravaged by the demon horde, hinting towards what many fans wanted from a Doom sequel: Hell on Earth. The trailer in question can be seen at the top of this post.

Doom Eternal

Although the game's initial trailer doesn't give away much, there's still enough here to get long-term fans of the Doom series interested, and a few little details that make knowing nods to the previous Doom titles. Of particular note is the use of a double-barrelled shotgun in the trailer. This weapon was one of the main additions to the weapons roster in the original Doom 2, which also focused on Hell on Earth.

Unfortunately, Doom Eternal did not have much time spent on it as part of Bethesda's press conference. However, Doom fans were given notification that the game is going to be a major part of Quakecon in Dallas, which runs in mid August. As such, many more details about the game will be revealed at that point, so gamers will get a much better idea about how the title is shaping up then. As a matter of fact, a gameplay livestream will be taking place on August 10, 2018.

Even though not much was revealed about Doom Eternal, it's still an extremely exciting reveal. The Hell on Earth setting is one of the most iconic of the Doom series as a whole, and so revisiting that idea in the modern day is bound to get the heart racing - as is the chance to take down twice as many demons this time around. Hopefully, gamers will get many more details about the title come August.

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