You Can Now DOOMify Yourself Apparently

Doom Main Character

Fans of the original 1993 version of DOOM now have the ability to create custom avatars based on the groundbreaking first-person shooter, provided they've reached rank three of the Slayers Club. The id Software classic continues to inspire a generation of players and developers and the Slayers Club is at the forefront of the movement.

The DOOM series was re-launched in 2016 and was a hit among longtime fans and younger players alike, ranking among the top-selling video game titles that year. In response to the renewed interest, the Slayers Club was founded in 2019 as a free-to-join official fan club and rewards program with tie-ins to the current DOOM series. The club offers perks like monthly giveaways, discounted merchandise, skins for the upcoming DOOM Eternal game, and other virtual goodies. Club members can earn points and advance in rank to unlock additional benefits, with the latest one being a rather cool throwback for fans.

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The custom avatar creator was announced by the Slayers Club this week and was later blasted on social media via the official DOOM Twitter account. Members can use the utility to craft images of themselves inspired by the iconic DOOMGuy avatar that appeared on the original DOOM's HUD (heads-up display). More than just a portrait, the DOOMGuy HUD avatar would react to the in-game action and incur damage with players as DOOM's various demonic and possessed enemies landed attacks. Slayers Club members unlock their first avatar slot upon achieving the rank of UAC Advocate.

Doom Box Art

The first three games in the DOOM series were ported to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last summer after a surprise announcement at QuakeCon 2019. DOOM and DOOM II are also available via Android and iOS devices. Developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks, the latest installment in the DOOM series - DOOM Eternal - is currently slated for a March 2020 release following delays in the development cycle. Players who pre-order the game will receive DOOM 64 for free as a bonus digital download.

While a custom avatar based on a 26-year-old game isn't in-line with some of the more extravagant prize offerings from the Slayers Club, which has given away custom game consoles and limited edition lithographs, it's sure to be a sentimental favorite and not just for retro gamers. Few images are as embedded into the gaming zeitgeist as DOOMGuy glancing from side to side as players navigated the original DOOM's techno-hell environments. And with the series re-launch proving to be so successful, a whole new wave of fans have gone back to the title that started it all and gained an appreciation of its unique style and innovative design.

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Source: Slayers Club

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