Doom Eternal Is Coming To Google's Stadia

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It's now official: Doom Eternal will be arriving on Google's newly unveiled games streaming service called Stadia. Google pulled back the curtain on its gaming platform and finally filled consumers in on details about how it will work, opting to forego physical tech at retail in order to push a platform similar to that of Netflix.

Some details on just how Stadia will be structured are still up in the air, as Google prepares to launch it in 2019. These are sure to be worked out sooner rather than later, but some of the biggest mysteries still surrounding the platform are what games will be present on it. It's known that Google wants Stadia to support cross-play with all games, leading to a fuller ecosystem for users to enjoy. This could mean that fans will be able to interact with one another across a number of titles and platforms, and Google at least appears confident that there will be plenty to choose from. Despite not divulging any titles rumored to be within its library of exclusive games for Stadia, Google did bring up id Software's Marty Stratton to confirm one major third-party title.

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Stratton, the executive producer behind Doom Eternal, confirmed that his project would be arriving on Stadia at some point in the future. While release details haven't even been confirmed for the game across other platforms, it was confirmed that the Stadia version of Doom Eternal will run in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second with HDR support. This is also all on a single Stadia GPU, which is impressive to say the least.

Google Stadia Caution

Of course, this raises even more questions about Stadia as a whole, but it's reassuring to see that Google is building the necessary partnerships to make such a service viable. Doom Eternal may not be the definitive factor in Stadia's pending success, but it shows that id Software is at least willing to play ball. However, from here on out it starts to become interesting.

There are currently rumors and reports making the rounds that Google has teamed up with the likes of SEGA to create some exclusive titles. Operating under the brand officially now known as "Stadia Games and Entertainment," it's clear that securing and building studios to work on exclusive content is the plan. It's likely that this studio will take some time to become a well-oiled, first-party content creator, but it's safe to say that Google has a few tricks left up its sleeve to reveal at a later date for the games streaming platform known as Stadia.

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