Bethesda Unveils The First Doom Eternal Gameplay at QuakeCon

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Doom Eternal has made its gameplay trailer debut, and those that enjoyed the full-on shooter experience of its predecessor are going to like what they see. Indeed, the game looks like it is going to double down on the more extreme edges of 2016's Doom, with an even more brutal and over-the-top take on the first-person shooter.

The title made a big impression when it was revealed at E3 2018, ranking highly among the army of trailers that appeared during the expo. Promising to bring Hell to Earth, Doom Eternal hinted at a follow-up worthy of the original Doom 2, and fans were expecting big things from the game at QuakeCon. After all, that was when Bethesda suggested that Doom Eternal would become a much more finite prospect in the eyes of gamers.

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Thankfully, the first gameplay demo of Doom Eternal does not disappoint. The title took the stage as part of QuakeCon's lineup, forming an important part of the QuakeCon keynote with a new trailer alongside a host of reveals about how the game will play. However, for many Doom fans it's likely that its gameplay video, as seen below, will be the highlight of the show.

After a brief moment of scene-setting, with the Doom Slayer looking over a ruined Earth city clearly ravaged by the worst that Hell can offer, it immediately jumps into the kind of glorious violent action that made 2016's Doom so successful. There's bloody carnage aplenty as the fearsome hero blasts their way through an assortment of Hellspawn with aplomb, and there are even some new skills to unleash. It may not seem possible, but it looks as though things are going to be even more fast-paced than the original to boot.

It's not the only thing that will have caught the eye of fans, either. QuakeCon also saw the reveal that Doom Eternal is going to be making its way to the Nintendo Switch, following in the footsteps of the eventual Switch port of the 2016 game. Meanwhile, Rage 2 also got a new trailer of its own, suggesting that Bethesda is looking to further increase its stranglehold on the more genre-pushing end of the first-person shooter bracket.

There's still a long time to go before Doom Eternal will be in the hands of players proper, but so far it's looking like an impressive game. Hopefully, Bethesda and id Software will be able to deliver on the potential that the title has shown so far.

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