How Much Does Doom Eternal's Doom Slayer Helmet Cost (and When Is It Available)?

Doom Eternal Doom Slayer Helmet

Doom Eternal looks like it is going to deliver lots more demon-killing action, and fans are ready for it. As part of E3 2019, Bethesda also confirmed the details of its collector's edition, which comes complete with a full-sized and wearable Doom Slayer helmet.

Promising to be bigger and bolder than 2016's Doom, the id Software-developed title is taking the action back to Earth. Doom Eternal was shown off at E3 during Bethesda's press conference, with some extremely cool new footage and the reveal of a new multiplayer game mode. Its collector's edition also caught the eye, though, with the Doom Slayer helmet gaining a lot of interest.

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On top of the Doom Slayer helmet, the collector's edition of Doom Eternal includes a copy of the game in a steel book case plus a Year One pass for the extra campaign content, a cassette tape plus lossless recordings of the soundtracks for both Doom and Doom Eternal, a Doom lore book, and a 11" by 17" lithograph. Other digital bonuses are also included, such as the Demonic Slayer skin and a classic weapons sound pack.

Doom Eternal Collectors Edition

When will the collector's edition launch, though? Bethesda will have it ready to go on the same day that Doom Eternal releases, so the Doom Slayer helmet will be in the hands of pre-order collector's edition customers on November 22. It won't come cheap, though, as the collector's edition is going to cost $199.99.

The helmet itself - at least based on the footage shown during the Bethesda event and the images that have been released since - looks extremely cool. That said, it remains to be seen whether wearing it while playing Doom Eternal leads to a heightened sense of authenticity or just makes it harder. Then again, if the Doom Slayer can do it, so can you.

Something that may be weighing on the minds of potential buyers is Bethesda's recent track record with collector's editions. The Fallout 76 collector's edition caused controversy when it shipped with a cheap nylon replacement for what was meant to be a canvas bag, a matter made even worse when it turned out Bethesda had given out high quality bags to influencers instead. So, some Doom fans might hold fire on this in case they end up with an old paint can with eyeholes cut out.

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