Doom: Annihilation Trailer Is Getting Nothing But Hate From Fans

The upcoming Doom: Annihilation movie finally has a trailer and the low quality of its effects and sets have caused it to receive nothing but hate from fans on social media. Doom: Annihilation is the second movie based on the popular video game franchise, with Doom being released in 2005 to overwhelmingly negative reviews. Dwayne Johnson starred in Doom and even he has admitted that the movie was a failure and that he took the lessons learned from that project with him when he made Rampage.

Doom: Annihilation is a reboot of the franchise and it will ignore the events of the previous movie, with the movie following the experiences of a team of marines who discover that a portal to Hell has been opened and they are caught in the path of the monsters that have emerged.

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Doom: Annihilation had previously been delayed in order to improve its visuals and it seems that the movie is almost ready for release, as a 30-second long trailer has been uploaded by Bloody Disgusting, which has given the Internet its first glimpse of the movie and the reaction has been poor, to say the least.

The reaction to Doom: Annihilation from the fans has been overwhelmingly negative, with the dislike ratio of the YouTube trailer being almost 10 times that of the likes and has been growing steadily since it was released. People are mocking the movie on the Doom Reddit page and #DoomMovie on Twitter is made up of critical comments about the low quality of the effects and the cheapness of the sets in the trailer.

There have only been scraps of information revealed about how Doom: Annihilation will adapt the material from the video games. It has been revealed the BFG will appear in Doom Annihilationwhile the director has confirmed the Spiderdemon will be absent. There have been set photos released of Doom: Annihilation that prove the movie will feature all of the violence fans should expect from a Doom film, and it has also been confirmed Doomguy will appear in some capacity, even though he won't be the protagonist, as the main character is Joan Dark, played by Amy Manson. The lack of Doomguy in the trailer has been one of the most complained about aspects of the film on social media, even though he doesn't have much of a personality outside of ripping and tearing demons apart.

The hopes for Doom: Annihilation haven't been high, due to it being a digital-only release that won't be hitting theaters, which suggested to many it would be of the same caliber as a Syfy original movie. The Doom franchise isn't one that can be turned into a cheap movie unless the plan is to turn it into a generic zombie action film and only use a few of the demonic monsters from the game in short bursts in order to save cash. The Doom: Annihilation trailer showed a lot of zombies, so it seems the producers may have decided to go for the cheap route.

The trailer for Doom: Annihilation has only proven the concerns about the production of the film were legitimate and the movie looks like it's going to be another cheap cash-in relying on the name of a beloved video game series in order to try and find an audience.

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Doom: Annihilation is due to be released in fall 2019.

Source: Bloody Disgusting/YouTube

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