DOOM 64 Is A DOOM Eternal Pre-Order Bonus

Doom 64

DOOM 64 is now included as a bonus game for everyone who has pre-ordered DOOM Eternal. Originally slated to launch next month, DOOM Eternal was delayed recently to March of 2020 because, according to a Twitter statement by developer id Software, they want to make sure the game lives up to their high standards of speed and polish.

2016's DOOM reboot was incredibly well-received upon its release, pleasing long-time series fans and newcomers alike with its frantic, chess-like combat and a smartly-designed gameplay loop which forced players into attacking, rather than hiding, in order to regain health. Although the upcoming sequel has been hotly anticipated since it's announcement at QuakeCon 2018, players have been fairly understanding about the game's delay, with most simply thankful id Software is taking the time to refine their product rather than pushing something unfinished out the door.

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Although DOOM 64 will also be a standalone purchasable title, anyone who pre-orders DOOM Eternal will now get the previous entry for free when it launches alongside the game's Xbox One, PS4, and PC release on March 20th, 2020. DOOM 64 will also be available on the Nintendo Switch, and although a release date for DOOM Eternal on that particular console has not yet been announced Switch players can still receive the former Nintendo 64 title by pre-ordering DOOM's upcoming sequel or by buying it separately.

Doot doot

Originally released on March 31st, 1997, DOOM 64 was praised for its graphics and level design, although many players felt that it was simply another re-skinning of the original title. However, the game has become something of a cult classic in the years follow its debut, with some publications calling it the most underrated title in the entire series. DOOM 64 is, in fact, just one of DOOM Eternal's pre-order bonuses, which also includes a special DOOT meme Revenant skin, a bonus campaign level, and a retro-themed skin for the DOOM Slayer's iconic shotgun.

Although DOOM 64 is likely being included with DOOM Eternal pre-orders as a sort of apology for the game's delay, it's a welcome addition to the other classic DOOM games already available on current consoles. Being able to see how far a series has come, especially one so influential to nearly all video games which came afterwards, is an interesting experience made much easier when all the available titles are accessible on the same console. While players still have a few months to wait until DOOM Eternal's release, the promise of rediscovering hidden secrets in DOOM 64 once again is quite an exciting one.

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