Don't Watch This: The Weird Endings of Netflix's Short Horror Films Explained

Netflix Dont Watch This Horror Shorts

Warning: SPOILERS for Don't Watch This ahead


As a special gift for Halloween, Netflix has dropped a collection of short horror films titled Don't Watch This - featuring everything from a virtual reality death game to an American Psycho homage featuring Antoni "Avocado King" Porowski from Queer Eye.

The Don't Watch This shorts are all less than ten minutes long, and you can watch all of them in half an hour or so, but given their bizarre nature you may find yourself confused - especially since a couple of them have pretty weird endings. Let's try and figure things out as we dive right in with the first episode.

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Friendship Bracelet

Netflix Dont Watch This Friendship Bracelet

Julie is a strange girl with an apparent fixation on taking things apart. At the start of Friendship Bracelet we see her operating on her toy dolls, and then later poking at a dead animal with a stick. When two girls from school, Abby and Lisa, decide to leave Julie's lonely birthday party almost immediately after arriving, Julie decides that she just needs to "open their hearts" so that they can all be friends. Unfortunately for Abby and Lisa, she means this literally, and after a gory chase through the house the short ends with Julie making a new friendship bracelet - out of what looks like intestines and hair.


Netflix Dont Watch This Ctrl Alt Del

CTRL+ALT+DEL is definitely the worst short of the bunch, but it may just about fall into the so-bad-its-good category. Basically, an internet troll who hacks young women's phones to steal compromising photos and post them online gets his comeuppance when an internet demon(?) invites him to play a puzzle game for the chance of access to a secret corner of the dark web. He fails all three puzzles (which is pretty embarrassing, since they don't seem to be very difficult), and every time he fails his skin boils and he gets an electric shock. After he fails all three, the internet demon appears and stabs him in the leg, which for some reason kills him in real life. It is unclear why he never bothered to just take the VR headset off.


Netflix Dont Watch This Incommudum

Incommudun is the most "experimental" short of the bunch, which essentially means that it could easily double as the opening credits for a season of American Horror Story. This one is a collection of generically creepy shots - from killer clowns to a woman with wings standing in a field of grass, to what looks like a human jawbone falling to the ground. There's no real ending to this one, so just sit back and soak it in.

Keep Out

Netflix Dont Watch This Keep Out

The most traditional horror short of the bunch, Keep Out is about a pair of YouTubers who go around spooky locations searching for ghosts and ghouls. They seem to quite obviously be modelled on the likes of YouTuber Logan Paul, who caused a controversy by filming the body of a suicide victim in Japan's Aokigahara forest. In this short, Noah and Alex get their comeuppance when they investigate a house that once belonged to a pharmacologist who used to test his experimental drugs on his own children. The mutated creature that attacks Noah and Alex is presumably one of those children. Alex gets disembowelled in the house, but Noah makes it all the way out to the car before the short ends with his bloody demise.

Antoni Psycho

Netflix Dont Watch This Antoni Psycho

Queer Eye's food expert Antoni Porowski is known for his love of simple finger foods and dishes involving avocado, and he has a dedicated social media following that appreciates his other qualities as well. In Antoni Psycho, a tribute to American Psycho, Antoni takes us on a tour of his house and his daily beauty routine, Patrick Bateman style. By the end, however, it's clear that Antoni is using a bit of long pig in his recipes.


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