Don't Forget the Lyrics

by Bruce Simmons

I sat down to watch Don't Forget the Lyrics with Wayne Brady and write a review for you, the readers. I like Wayne Brady. I loved him on Whose Line is it Anyway. I had high aspirations for entertainment.

I failed.

The first singer hit the stage, and sang so far off key, that I have discovered how spoiled I have been by American Idol.

Then, when she guesses the 4 blank words that are up to her to remember, she can:

A: Verify the words she used before committing to the words.

B: She's got three options to help her if she isn't sure about her choice of words, they're called "Backup Singers".

AND she gets to do it through a various number of songs to make a lot of money if she makes it through all the songs. I didn't. I couldn't.

Here's where I failed: I couldn't take it. I'm sorry. It hurt! I scrambled for the remote and stabbed at random buttons. I ended up on WE (Women's Entertainment) channel, and I came across Bridezillas. It seemed so much better than the torment that I just attempted.

Here's a link to the show: DontForget

So much for my first input on Screen Rant!!!

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