Don't Forget: 24 Season Six Premieres Sunday Night!

Just a little reminder for you to remember to set your Tivos for the sixth season of 24 premiering with a two hour episode on Sunday night, followed by another two hours on Monday (sweet!). You can still join in on the show as every season has a brand new storyline, and you'll get to know the characters soon enough.

When we last left Jack Bauer he had been hauled off to China by government agents (in a shipping container!) as retribution for his attack on the Chinese embassy in Los Angeles, which he did without "official" authorization in order to help stop a terrorist attack. It seems at least from the trailer for this season that he will choose to go on a suicide mission to stop a massive terrorist attack that will take place all across the U.S.

Suicide mission... yeah, right. He's been dead before, right? Heck, I think he's already been dead TWICE on the show. :-)

I wish I had the self-control to just Tivo the whole bloody season and then do a marathon weekend, but I know it'll never happen. These guys are masters of the weekly cliffhanger and that makes this show tough to watch and have to wait a full week for the following episode. Acutally I came up with a solution to that, but my wife won't go for it (this only works if you record it):

I figure if you stop watching each episode about 5 minutes before the end, you can have a peaceful night's sleep, because the cliffhanger always comes within the last 30 seconds of each episode. That way you'd just watch the last 5 minutes on the following broadcast date, see the cliffhanger, and be able to go right into the next episode.

Brilliant, ain't it? ;-)

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