Don't Breathe Trailer: Breaking In Was The Easy Part

Don't Breathe trailer

Back in 2013, fans of Sam Raimi’s iconic Evil Dead series were finally treated to a new addition. It had been 21 years since Army of Darkness became the third - and seemingly final - instalment in the ongoing battle against Deadites and fans were hungry for much more.

Before the new film ever even hit theaters however, it became clear that Raimi wouldn’t be returning to either write or direct it. In fact, Raimi wasn’t making a new Evil Dead film at all, but rather producing a remake of his original classic, directed by newcomer Fede Alvarez.

Opinions were somewhat divided over the issue of remaking one of the most beloved horror films of all time, but in the end, Alvarez’ efforts satisfied many, ushering in the arrival of a new horror filmmaking talent. Having proven himself capable with Evil Dead, there was much curiosity amongst horror fans as to what Alvarez would do next. That question has now been answered with the arrival of the trailer for Don’t Breathe, the first original feature film written and directed by Fede Alvarez.

Don’t Breathe follows the story of Rocky (Jane Levy – who also starred in 2013’s Evil Dead) a down on her luck single mother whose boyfriend, Money (Daniel Zovatto, It Follows) devises a plan to break into the house of a blind man (Stephen Lang) who reportedly has $300K dollars stashed away. With the help of Money’s friend Alex (Dylan Minette, Goosebumps), the trio break in and quickly discover that the blind man doesn’t take kindly to intruders. After cutting the electricity, the man takes on the role of hunter, diligently pursuing the three terrified intruders he’s trapped within his home. The end result appears to be a taut and fast paced contained thriller, in which something as simple as a single breath can alert the heightened senses of a man who’s willing to kill in order to protect his secrets.

Don't Breathe trailer

The concept of a blind man as the threat in a film is undoubtedly unique, yet despite this, Alvarez remains aware that audiences might be expecting something else from him, given Evil Dead’s indulgence in gore. Not content to just rest on his bloody laurels in this respect, Alvarez maintains that while Don’t Breathe isn’t gory, it still packs a substantial punch.

“We said let’s try to make a great thriller where you don’t depend on the gore, which doesn’t mean it’s rated PG-13 by no means. It’s still not rated. Hopefully it will be rated R. But uh, it gets pretty fucked up and that’s what I think Evil Dead had."

At any rate, with the rise of low-fi, creepy horror hits like It FollowsThe Witch and Green Room cropping up more frequently as of late, Don’t Breathe could be arriving at a time when horror audiences seem to be growing increasingly sophisticated. With that thought in mind, it’s easy to see how Fede Alvarez could find his place within that camp and help to engage a new generation of horror fans in the process.

Don't Breathe hits U.S. theaters on August 26th, 2016.

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