Don't Breathe Stars On Working In The Horror Genre

Despite playing criminals in the upcoming thriller, Don’t Breathe, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, and Daniel Zovatto kept it fun on set, Zovatto says, “we all have fun together and I think you can tell, you know? On screen too, like you can see like the relationships between us.” This is Levy’s most recent horror film since playing the possessed Mia in Evil Dead directed by Fede Alvaraz, “I just, ultimately am proud of Evil Dead. So when [Fede] asked me to do it I was like yeah lets make something good again.”

Screen Rant caught up with Levy, Minnette and Zovatto at the film’s L.A. press day to discuss initial thoughts on the script, how Jane recovered from Evil Dead, and a hilarious on set story!

What was your initial reaction when you read the script?

DYLAN: I was like this is madness. This is intense. Fede who made Evil Dead is going to do some crazy stuff with this.

But there was no apprehension? Like Jane I know you said after Evil Dead you were like ‘I’m not feeling the horror genre’ and then Fede was like, no you’re coming back. So what was that like, how did you get back into it?

JANE: It’s been a couple years; I was able to get over my trauma. No I just, ultimately am proud of Evil Dead. So when [Fede] asked me to do it I was like yeah lets make something good again. When I first read the script, I actually read the script a couple years ago, like the very beginning because Fede and I are friends and he sent it over before he had asked me to be in it or anything and I remember thinking like oh this is gross, oh this is dark, oh this is f*cked up.

DANIEL: Yeah I mean it was, its one of those scripts that I think you read and you’re just like, okay I probably have to read this again.

JANE: A lot of times this genre the script doesn’t exactly-

DANIEL: Translate to the movie

JANE: Yeah

Doesn’t do it justice

JANE: Yeah, it’s such a visual, suspenseful movie.

DANIEL: I mean even like, because we’ve been talking about this all day, I mean like the character The Blind Man, like that’s not on page. You have no idea how he’s gonna show up, what he’s gonna do. And I think that was a big surprise for all of us.

JANE: How strong Stephan Lang was.

DYLAN: In the movie you realize so much because if you’re reading the script there’s also not that, not a lot of dialogue once you’re in the house because a lot of it is just being silent. So it’s all stage direction, so it all kind of depends on the set and the cinematography and the directing and everything that comes together and everything just came together really well so.

Right, and it did! I saw it last night you guys, it was awesome. That’s like my genre, so this is like-my jam. And I loved it.

DYLAN: Sweet.

JANE: Thanks.

DANIEL: Thanks.

But I do want to know what was your best, give me your-the best or like the funniest on set story. Could be with anybody.

DANIEL: I made her eat shit a few times in this scene. Remember when you were dancing?

JANE: Oh my god!

So we’re not being literal?

DANIEL: NO! Not being literal (laughs)

DYLAN: (joking) Danny forced her-

JANE: That’s not in the movie, this scene, there’s a scene where I’m dancing in the diner and [Danny] runs in and grabs me and its like, it’s like a cartoon, someone slipping on a banana peel. He just like, SO quickly and so like fluid, just WHOOMP! And then brings me down with him!

DYLAN: And I was just standing there like (makes surprised face)

JANE: Wow, that was so funny.

DANIEL: But it happened twice which was the funny part because the first time I took her down I was like, oh my god Jane I’m so sorry, it won’t happen again. And then the second time it happened even harder and I have it on my phone I’m going to post it so people can see it. It literally is like her like in frame then whoop, like she disappears and you just see Dylan like laughing it was hysterical.

And it didn’t even make it into the movie.

DANIEL: No it didn’t.

I guess it doesn’t fit, but that is hilarious. I love it. And then my last question for guys is, what was the mood on set? What was, in general were you guys-it’s a darker film so was it kind of somber everybody was in character? Or was it goof balls, you’re all young? What was the mood like?

JANE: Mostly goofballs we’re all young.


DYLAN: Yeah.

DANIEL: It was a mix of it, I mean there were days where like Jane would be serious and in character and so was I, I mean, but we all have fun together and I think you can tell, you know? On screen too, like you can see like the relationships between us.

Right, and you guys, Dylan and Danny, you guys met on Agents of Shield right?

DYLAN: We did.

DANIEL: Yeah, I’ve known him for so long.

See, it all comes full circle.

DYLAN: Too long.

DANIEL: Too long.

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Don't Breathe is now playing in U.S. theaters.

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