Don't Believe Everything You Read Today

Ok, I can't stand it any longer. :-)

Happy April Fool's Day!

The first year I ran Screen Rant, I thought I'd serve as the beacon of truthiness in the movie blogosphere and warn everyone to keep an eye out for fake news announcements. This year I'm sharing the list below for fun and not out of any sense of "outing" anyone (you'll see one very familiar site in the list below as proof, BTW).

So before you guys start getting seizures based on any movie news you read today, here's a list of items that have been posted on the internets today just for fun:

SlashFilm - Superman vs. Spider-Man Film Announced

JoBlo - Jake Gyllenhaal will be replacing Tobey Maguire in the next Spider-Man movie

IESB - X-Files 2 Gets a Title - X-Files: Full Moon Rising

Rope of Silicon - POSTER: 'Art House Movie: There Will Be Farts'

Cinematical - BREAKING: Christian Bale and Brandon Routh Sign for 'Justice League!!!'

Bloody Disgusting - Steven Spielberg to Remake 'Duel' and Possibly 'Jaws'?!

Bloody Disgusting - Tyler Perry Moves on From Comedy to… Horror?! - CAMEO: Wolverine to Make Appearance in Incredible Hulk Movie! - Sea-Monkeys Movie Coming to the Big Screen

ScreenRant - Iron Man To Get Staggered, Late April Release Dates - Colin Farrell in Once remake - Harrison Ford to return as Han Solo!

Cinema Blend - Kevin Spacey Signed For Superman Sequel

Giant Freakin Robot - Cloverfield Monster In Transformers 2!

Thanks to First Showing for compiling the above list. :-)

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